Monday, 8 March 2010


Just a quick heads up on a few crime fiction related bits n bobs...

* Only four days to go to the March 12th deadline (when the voting goes live) to win yourself a signed copy of SLASH & BURN, Matt Hilton's 3rd crime thriller novel in the popular Joe Hunter series. If you fancy your chances you've just gotta write a Hunter style short story here.

* Got a nice little mention (for my recent short, A PUBLIC SERVICE, on A TWIST OF NOIR) from Gary Dobbs AKA Archavist over at his damn fine blog, THE TAINTED ARCHIVE.

* Watch this space for a Q&A with debut novelist, Nick Quantrill, around the day of his book launch of BROKEN DREAMS on March 20th.

Catch you all soon,


David Barber said...

Back home now. Really great seeing you on Friday mate. Speak soon bud. I will try my damdest to get one off to Matt.

Unknown said...

Ditto, mate.
You lifted my spirits and we'll be defo paying you a visit at some point.
I really think you should cobble summat together for Matt's Hunter comp' - I did and it was great practice being stretched from my comfort zone. Plus, you could win!
Catch you soon, bud,