Monday 28 February 2011

Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers' closed for submissions, but the show still goes on...

Just a quickie to let you know that the award winning ezine I help run, with Matt Hilton and Lee Hughes, has closed for submissions until March 31st 2011. To read about a couple of changes to the site go here.

Thursday 17 February 2011

Guest's Crime Fiction Choice - Ian Ayris

WARNING: X-rated language from the start...
Today's guest reviewer is fellow Brit, Ian, a talented yarn-spinner I admire, whose top notch stories seem to be popping up everywhere.

Ian Ayris's Crime Fiction Choice.

SAVANT by A.J. Hayes, A Twist of Noir, October 2010.

'Fuckin' guns. It's always fuckin' guns. They think they pull a fuckin' gun and everybody just goes shit that's a fuckin' gun and falls down.'

With an opening like that, you just know you're reading something special.

And it's like that all the way through. The writing. Sharp and nonchalant all at the same time. Breaking so many rules of convention yet making you think, no, this is how writing should be. This is how writing can be.

Savant introduces us to Jimmy, a twelve year old autistic kid with a penchant for, well, violence. We see him standing amidst bodies, the 'skinny black kid in the red shrift-store hoodie'.

The narrator, Jimmy's friend, Holmes, lets us in early on there's something special about Jimmy, something to be wary of. So when local drug lord Sanchez turns up and starts waving his gun around, we're just waiting. Waiting for Jimmy.

And Jimmy... Jimmy doesn't disappoint.

A brilliantly written and conceived tale that knocked me flat when I first read it, and continues to do so.

Talk about a writer finding his voice.


Ian Ayris has had over thirty short stories published both online and in print. He lives in London, with his wife and three children, and his debut novel 'Abide With Me' will be published through Caffeine Nights Publishing late 2011. Ian blogs at and can be found on Facebook at!/ian.ayris

Thursday 10 February 2011

Eight top notch "Guests' Stories" uploaded on my new website...

Quality short fiction from eight accomplished writers over at my new website. Have a browse around the place and let me know what you think.

Constructive comments and 'star' ratings are actively encouraged.


Wednesday 9 February 2011

Guest's Crime Fiction Choice - Jim J. Wilsky...

Continuing this new feature is someone I've found to be... 'Gentleman Jim'...

Jim J. Wilsky's Crime Fiction Choice.

Go Cup by Matthew C. Funk – April 2010 at A Twist of Noir.

So many good short stories to pick from, but this one stands out for me. I like tense, I like the edge and waiting for that bad thing to happen. This story is an absolute must read. Matthew Funk has many great stories out there and I’ve enjoyed each one. However, Go Cup grabbed me by the neck and shook me around a little bit. The characters, the feel of the situation, and the dialogue was fantastic. The State Trooper, well, he was magnificent and a story in his own right.

I won’t go into the details but this story will hold you and not let go. It never hurts to be able to relate to a short story. Years ago, decades ago to be more precise, I had a pretty hot Camaro. One night on a dark country road a County Sheriff pulled up behind me out of nowhere. I was very young and had an open beer can between my legs, oh and traveling well over the speed limit. I had several speeding tickets already. Not a good situation. Someday, I’ll write something up on that little nightmare but I’ll be lucky to come even close to this fine short by Matthew Funk.

I can’t recommend it strongly enough or do it justice. Read and enjoy Go Cup if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

Jim J. Wilsky is a central Illinois native with a lifelong passion for writing and storytelling. He has written over 200 published and unpublished short stories. He is supported and strengthened by a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.
Jim blogs here...

Friday 4 February 2011

P&E 'Best of 2010' Results...Unbelievable!

Well, it was just nice to be nominated, but from the 32 nominees, I'm flabbergasted to announce that I actually won the 'Best Magazine/ezine Editor 2010'.

I humbly accept this award on behalf of Matt and Lee, as a reflection of the joint efforts we all put into running the site. (Final standings here)

Following on from our win in 2009, Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, itself, did really well again, bagging 4th spot out of the 53 nominated fiction-zines. (Final standings here)

Other notable successes were...

Best horror short: Paul Brazill's 'Thump' (TKnC) came 13th out of 62 stories. 'What Doesn't Kill You' (Spook City) by Anthony Cowin finished 8th, and Jodi MacArthur managed two in the top 20 with 'Spindled Souls' (Flashes in the Dark) and 'Pillow Talk' (BEAT to a PULP).

In the other shorts category - Mr Brazill was at it again, making the top ten with 'Anger Management' (Powder Burn Flash). And another TKnC story came in at number 14 - 'Rigor Mortis' by Stephen D. Rogers.

I must add that I can think of many outstanding stories, ezines and editors who were not nominated... so next year let's ensure all your faves are in with a shout.

A massive thanks for all who took the trouble to vote and comment.


Tuesday 1 February 2011

February Femmes Fatales over at The Feardom...

There's a dark fiction extravaganza running throughout February, created by the inimitable Lily Childs, that's causing quite a stir within the blogosphere.

Desperate to take part, I tried to enter as 'Collette', but, alas, was thwarted by Lil! :)

Be sure to check in daily for a fantastic fiction feast from the February Femmes Fatales...