Tuesday 28 June 2011

Writer's block... I found my answer! How do YOU overcome it?

Firstly, when I heard about Peter Falk's death, I was gutted. It immediately dawned on me that he (& Sherlock) got me into the mystery scene as a kid. R.I.P. Columbo.

"Just one more thing..." (sorry, couldn't resist).

I've been doing a lot of research lately, intertwined with spasmodic spells of writing my current novel. However, I recently hit, what I call 'plot-block'. It's closely related to 'writers' block', but I tend to get this amid the intricacies of longer works. Whereas, with short stories an idea just pops into my head, soon followed by a title and, within an hour or so, I have something to mould into shape. The process with shorter works is so much smoother.

Anyway, last weekend I'd been looking forward to a couple of blank diary days, but when the time came, I just found myself struggling at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn...

It was deeply frustrating, as I really wanted to crack on and get stuck in.  Remembering past writing sessions that flowed, I began searching in the kitchen cupboards for a tipple.  And there it was... in a box... the answer... an unopened bottle of Martell's cognac with '2000' emblazoned in multi-colour on the box. Three glasses later, and I wrote till five in the morning! 

I know it's somewhat stereotypical for a writer, drinking to find the elusive muse, but it worked for me.  So, I found my answer... if you write, then how do YOU overcome writer's block?

Ps. I'm booked into an AA meeting next Friday!

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Flashback...to my first ever 'published' fiction...

My first published story was a piece of flash fiction, and it now 'graces' my new website. There's also a little bit about how my friendship with thriller author, Matt Hilton, began to flourish.

Some of you may "Remember" (big clue there, for the detectives among you!) the story. Read it here. All comments are welcome and appreciated, here or there.


Sunday 12 June 2011

I digress from crime fiction to share good family news...

Life can be a real bummer at times, so it's always good to share uplifting news... and the Burys have had plenty recently, which makes a pleasant change...

My brave sister, Deb, has beaten cancer (for the second time in her life). A dark cloud has dispersed from above the family...thank God.

Following on from his under 9's cup win, my lad, Joe, has just been awarded 'Manager's Player of the Year'... making his daddy a very proud man!

After my footy team, Man City, recently won the F.A. Cup Final (I've waited 35 years for that!), I assumed that would be it. However, it seems the Lord is showering us in positivity just lately.

Long may it continue...

Ps. Dear God, I don't wanna push my luck, but it would be nice to have my novels published soon, if that's okay.

Monday 6 June 2011

Mammoth Book of Best British Crime Stories, vol. 9 ... I'm in!

Just had an email from Maxim Jabowski, the editor of the 'Mammoth' series. My short story MOPPING UP (as in, the streets) won an online comp', 18 months ago, to be included in 'Even More Tonto Short Stories'. Well, it's now been accepted for next year's 'Mammoth Book of Best British Crime Stories, vol. 9'. So, cheers, Maxim!

To say I'm humbled and honoured is an understatement. I know this year's volume included a few of my writing friends, alongside the likes of Mark Billingham and Ian Rankin.

As I sit here drinking my celebratory cider (proper Manc!), I've just discovered that I'll be proudly sharing the pages with my writing buddies, Nick Quantrill and Ian Ayris! Well done chaps.

Thanks also, to Tonto Books head honcho, Stuart Wheatman, for originally publishing 'Mopping Up'.

Well chuffed.