Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Like all writers who have not yet attained the luxury of earning a living from their writing, I've been busy trying to fit my writing around work, family and life in general, which is no easy task.
I've managed to recently complete a couple of short stories to enter into competitions in order to improve the CV. Although obviously a fair degree of talent is required to win or get shortlisted for these competitions, I do believe there's also an element of luck involved and it does depend who is judging the contest and if they are drawn to your stuff, so fingers crossed!
I've also been busy researching my novel (police procedure) and considering plot options (who kills who and who fancies who!).
My aim is to enter the Debut Dagger 2009 for unpublished 'novelists' and to have at least one short story published by the end of 2008. The rest of this year will be taken up by a seriously sustained assault on perfecting my first crime novel and I'm as determined as any would be author out watch this space!

PS. I've just read this back and think it's pertinent to point out that my novel is not entitled: 'Police Procedure,' as that would be ridiculously unoriginal!!!