Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Two Crime Authors for the price of one...

Manchester based Crime Author, Chris Simms, and thriller novelist, Matt Hilton, are at the Oldham Literature Festival on Thursday 1st October location: Oldham Library and Lifelong Learning Centre, Greaves Street, Oldham, UK - from 6 p.m.

If you're in the Northwest area why not pop over. It's only two quid to enter so it's a quid per author and you can meet me for free!

Writer, Angel Zapata's detective skills flush out plagiarist, Richard Ridyard...

The blogosphere is bubbling with the news that we have a plagiarist in our midst. He didn't only dupe Matt and I over at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers, but also many unsuspecting editors, writers and readers alike across our tightly knit network, including American Writer, Angel Zapata.

Now I am aware of libel laws, but with such compelling and damning evidence meticulously unearthed by Angel, I have no hesitation in vigorously backing all the honest folk within our wonderful writing community.

This Fraudster even plagiarised the master himself, Stephen King!!!

Click the title of this post for extensive details.

Ps. A huge thanks must go to Angel.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice...

Your choice: skip the waffle to see my first set of selections below...

My choice will be a regular feature from now on whereby I'll be pointing you in the direction of some of the top notch short fiction I've enjoyed from around the blogosphere.

There are some cracking writers out there - many as yet undiscovered - and, since August 2008 when I began 'blogging,' I've had the pleasure of becoming friends with many of them (well virtually!).

So I'll be delving into the archives of my favourite Webzines and I make no apologies for some of my selections possibly being horror, supernatural or even Sci-Fi based as many of these genres often blur together. The only criteria is that a crime is committed or, at least threatened, and dark humour is always a winner with me! (For example, if some two-headed monster bites the head off an unsuspecting victim then I'd say that's a crime, wouldn't you? Extreme, but you get the gist.)

Having said that, many of my choices will undoubtedly be straight crime fiction or noir as I love the 'grit' therein. And, obviously, I can't choose any of my own...

'God, you're a harsh task-master, Col.'
'Shut it! This is about other people so wind yer neck in, you egotistical...!
'Okay, okay. I was just wondering whether I could mention some of mine, that's all.'
' you want me to get me weapon out?'
'Easy, Tiger!'

That sorted, and in no particular order, where better to start than the archives of Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers and top American ezine, A Twist Of Noir...

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #1

THIS OLD HOUSE - by Paul Brazill

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #2

THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART - by Gary Dobbs

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #3

CRIME OF THE CENTURY - by Vallon Jackson


Ps. Watch this space for the next three choices...

Friday, 25 September 2009

WANTED by Col Bury now up at top American Webzine, A TWIST OF NOIR...

Just a heads up in case you've didn't catch one of my crime shorts. I'm reliably informed it does have 'A Twist Of Noir,' hence it's now showcasing there!
Feel free to click on the title above if you fancy a nosey.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Arrowsake Alumni - great new network for lovers of the thriller genre, including Matt Hilton's, Joe Hunter series.

Just to give you the heads up that thriller writer, Matt Hilton, has started a great new network called The Arrowsake Alumni - where you can not only chat about Joe Hunter, but also all other aspects of the thriller genre.

There are some intriguing and witty debates on there already so if you wanna have a mooch or join then click on the title for the link.

It's being billed as for "Graduates of Joe Hunter's school of hard knocks," and in Matt's words...

"Here fans can meet and discuss everything they want concerning Joe Hunter - and Matt Hilton's other writing. In fact if it's relevant i.e. about writing, reading and enjoying crime, mystery, suspense, horror and in particular thriller or action-oriented books, let us know what you think via the forum.
Everyone's welcome to join, so long as they remain respectful to all members. Otherwise Joe might have to pay you a personal visit!"

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Flash Fiction Offensive debut by Col Bury with A PUBLIC SERVICE...

After having my last submission knocked back over at edgy American ezine, FLASH FICTION OFFENSIVE (associated with OUT OF THE GUTTER magazine), I had a rethink and specifically targeted the site with my short crime story - A PUBLIC SERVICE.

On reflection the initial story probably didn't fit the site and was rightly rejected, but this new one is described by FFO's editor, Rey A. Gonzalez, as 'A much stronger piece - this one's got balls!'

Let me know what you think of the said 'balls' by clicking on the title of this post for the link.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

And the winner is.............little old me!!! (Col Bury's first fiction comp' win).

Over at Writers News Talkback - a global forum for writers - I've been entering the monthly One Word Challenge Competition on and off for the last year or so. The judge is the previous month's winner and he/she selects a word and the entrants then have up to write a 200 word story as they see fit. It's pretty tricky and the competition is fierce and of a high standard with some excellent and experienced writers participating.

The word for August was 'SET' and there were twenty-six entrants this month. I'm honoured to reveal my winning piece below...
(Feel free to let me know what you think).


It was a simple plan, for a simple man. If things worked out there’d be no blood on my hands.

Andrea originally joined the Tennis Club after Cheryl had told her what ‘great fun’ it was. Six months on and Cheryl’s hubby made her quit, but Andrea’s appetite for the club grew stronger somehow.

Initially I was pleased she felt slimmer, fitter, though the fees were somewhat steep, credit crunch and all. But I noticed, despite her new zest, our love life had died.

Being a cop, I decided to investigate. And sure enough: advantage Dempsey, a poser if ever I saw one. ‘Thirty-love?’ More like ‘Dirty-love!’

And so I was set to serve my ace with plenty of top spin. I considered delivering Dempsey my best backhand, but that wasn’t nearly enough. So I volleyed his head and ironically he made quite a racket. Especially when I smashed Andrea’s racket into his nether regions: ‘New balls, please!’

Andrea had just left his flat. I’m forensically aware, remember, plus my alibi was concrete. Motive-wise, Andrea’s the jealous type and Dempsey was rampant at the club. The next court she attended wasn’t half as favourable to her.

Game, set and match.