Sunday, 14 March 2010

Birthday Blues...?

Well, I was having a lovely little 21st birthday until... huh?.. okay, so you've seen my photos? Double it then! As I was saying before I rudely interrupted me-self... I was having a lovely 42nd birthday with some of my family round when - in true antisocial git style - I just had to watch my beloved blues (Man.City) playing live on Sky versus Sunderland.

In desperate need of points, and one-nil down for most of the match, my mood changed from happy-go-lucky birthday boy to someone out of one of me crime stories! I found me-self shouting n swearing at the telly, something I've not done in what must be two, three, maybe four... days... when I watched some Tory MP spouting bullshit on BBC's Question Time. So one by one my family slipped out of the room for cover, leaving just me n me Mum (she's a hardcore blue, yer see).

It's sad for a grown man's mood to be dictated by the (mis)fortunes of his sports team but, hey-ho, nobody's perfect. Anyway, an jury time equalizer did the trick n me head bounced off the ceiling! Suddenly it was a happy birthday-cum-mother's day again (pathetic? yeah I know) and we all had a great party with E-numbers everywhere you turned.

The nicest part of the day was as I opened my last present saying, "I hope it's a pair of slippers cos that's all I needed to be honest." (God, I am getting old!). It wasn't slippers, but my two wonderful kids scrambled together their pocket money for me to buy a pair, which I thought was a nice touch (they're both 21 - joke - 7 n 8 really). It gave me goose bumps and reminded me that if my beloved blues would've lost then it wouldn't have mattered so much after all because I have something far more beloved... my beautiful family.

Ps. Having said all that, if City had lost I'd have kicked 'em all out int Manchester rain!!!


David Barber said...

It's hard being a blue. One day, Col, one day... ;-)

Can't believe you've admitted you're 42. I'm thirty eleven!!

Happy Birthday my friend, David.

Unknown said...

Cheers, Dave.
I thought you'd have said that you can't believe I've admitted to being a City fan!

Alan Griffiths said...

Belated Happy Birthday blues Col. That's the life of a footie supporter, up one week and down the next!

Cheers mate.

And no shirt jokes!!

Author said...

42? You're still a young sprog, lad. Wait 'til you hit the grand old age of 44!! Ye Gods, where have the last two years gone to? I've been so busy in my head I hadn't realised I'd aged as well, until your little tale reminded me.

Happy Birthday.

Unknown said...

Al, Cheers, BUD - actually got a few smart shirts as gifts so I'll be sure to wear 'em for the next snapshot opportunity!

You were 42 when you hit the big time weren't you? Hmmm...!