Monday 27 April 2009


The ripples I mentioned in the last post created by my short story, FORUM OF FURY - which featured on both Thrillers, Killers n Chillers and A Twist Of Noir before being mentioned at The Tainted Archive - have now graduated into waves.

Over at EASTERN STANDARD CRIME Geoff Eighinger reviews mystery and crime fiction then rewards fedoras to each chosen story: one being dull and five being fantastic. Just to see what his rating of my story actually meant I had a quick trawl through probably 100+ stories and couldn't see a five fedora review. The common range was two to three.

I must say that I was both pleased and surprised that the story was actually selected in the first place. Anyway, the link's below if you wanna have a nosey at Geoff's review and not wanting to give the game away I'll just say after reading it I tipped all four of my hats to him!!!

A well chuffed, Col.

Saturday 25 April 2009

FORUM OF FURY gets a mention over at THE TAINTED ARCHIVE

Surprisingly - to me anyway - it seems each time I log on someone else has commented on my short story, FORUM OF FURY, which is pleasing me no end and is more than I ever expected when I penned the tale. Who'd have thought that a simple idea, which stemmed from changing a pen name to a real name on an online chat forum, would create waves (okay, maybe ripples then!) across Cyberspace?

Gary Dobbs aka Archavist, who runs the popular site, THE TAINTED ARCHIVE, appears to like the story as he's mentioned its presence on a TWIST OF NOIR under the title: A TWIST OF BURY!

If you've not read the story you may never log on again!!!


Friday 24 April 2009

High praise indeed from the Editor re' FORUM OF FURY, now up at A TWIST OF NOIR...

I've now completed my hat-trick over at A Twist Of Noir!
I received a very encouraging email from the Editor, Christopher Grant, which I thought I'd share with you...


FORUM OF FURY is now up at A Twist Of Noir.
Frantic, insane and over the edge. All of these describe Joe in this story. Fun little story about mistaken identity and what someone can do when they get paranoid.
I saw this thing play out in my mind as I read it and that's the nicest compliment anyone can get about their writing.
Excellent stuff.


As us Northerners say, 'Am well chuffed!'

A surge in popularity for sister website, Thrillers, Killers N Chillers!

Over at Thrillers, Killers N Chillers we've had seven new stories in five days, including three yesterday alone, and the promise of imminent submissions, as the site gains in popularity throughout the writing fraternity with over 1400 hits in less than three weeks!

There was also an unexpected, but very welcome, mention over at The Rap Sheet earlier this week for two of the stories: Paul Brazill's eerie tale containing nuances and all, THIS OLD HOUSE, and my very own, FORUM OF FURY, addressing the fact we're often unaware of exactly who we're communicating with on the net.

I'm also chuffed that two American writers now feature over at TKnC, namely, Mike Whitney, with his adept use of letters in, IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION, and Michael J. Solender with his short, and equally adept, humorous piece, HOMEGROWN TOMATOES.

There's also a cheeky debut, LOST CAUSE, from the mysterious alter-ego Vallon Jackson!

And I'm pleased that my friends over at Writers News Talkback are submitting stories, too. Following Bill Haddow-Allen is Dorothy Davies with her chilling tale, BEATERS, as well as, CIRCUS, which is refreshingly different in style from earlier posts.

Hey, instead of reading me rambling, why not pop over there and take a look for yourself? You won't be disappointed!

Better still, if you fancy your chances then why not have a stab (pardon the pun) and submit a story yourself.
(Guidelines on the right of the site - link below.)

Sunday 19 April 2009


As I work shifts and have children I find it difficult to regularly attend a Writers' Group so I often chat to like-minded virtual friends on Writers News Talkback - a friendly and informative Writers' Forum. This is my convenient alternative to a Writer's Group and I love the banter on there, as well as the empathy and instant responses to writing problems.

However, I recently changed from 'Col B' to my full name of 'Col Bury'. This got the old cogs turning and inspired a new short story: FORUM OF FURY.

I dedicate this story to my fellow Talkbackers as a thank you for their friendship and advice over the last couple of years.


Tuesday 7 April 2009

Another of my Short Stories, 'THE BREAK IN,' at A Twist Of Noir...

I broke from the novel writing (and screaming kids - school hols!) last night to pen another short story that had been crying out to be written.
And now I'm chuffed to say that 'The Break In' not only appears on our very own Thrillers, Killers N Chillers, but also at A Twist Of Noir.
It's not for the faint-hearted, but I do hope you like it.

You can read it by clicking on my short stories link on the right for TKNC or follow the link below for ATON.

Monday 6 April 2009

Thrillers, Killers n Chillers...

Some of you may already be aware from previous posts that my good friend Matt Hilton began a site for up and coming writers to showcase their short fiction over at Thrillers, Killers n Chillers, a site I'm proud to say that I co-edit.

There's certainly an ongoing debate running among the writing forum fraternity regarding the merits of non-paying sites, like TKNC, A Twist Of Noir and many others, whereby fiction is 'published.' Nearly all of what I've read has been positive, though on a crime forum I recently read a comment which pricked my senses and with which I wholeheartedly disagree. It read: 'I think short, online fiction should be looked at like those free samples they give away in the supermarket.'

Biting my lip till it bled and trying not to shout the B-word describing male genitalia at the top of my voice, I opted to write sensibly about it instead. I don't know what this guy has been reading online, but for some reason he sounds a tad cynical and blinkered as he shouldn't pigeon-hole all online fiction like that. He's obviously not read TKNC!!! I think it can depend on the editors of the site, too, but on TKNC it does have to be of publishable standard. Most, if not all, the sites of this ilk appear to me to be professional with some excellent stories so I suspect this man is being frivolous, or maybe even envious.

Personally, I can't see a downside. And here's why: I received quite a lot a feedback from my short story, The Handshake, on TKNC, which is probably one of the main reasons Matt started the site in the first place; that is, to bring newer writers on. As a consequence of the feedback I rejigged the story, adding a line here and restructuring there, yet maintaining the basic story core, until I came up with a much more polished version.

I've now entered The Handshake into Word Magazine's 'Murder' short story competition. It doesn't really matter if it doesn't win (there are usually hundred's of entries), the fact that an aspiring writer is continuing to improve and learn the craft is paramount.

Sites like TKNC also give the new writer a small taste - after perhaps years of writing without reader-acknowledgement - of what it's like to see their work in print knowing someone out there may just like it, which is the recognition all writers crave and that which spurs us on.

So to that bloke and his 'Supermarket' comment: I suggest he pops into his local supermarket and purchases a large cucumber...
...I don't think I have to tell you where he can shove it!!!
(Sorry, my sensible time has expired.)


Ps. tenacity is key.