Sunday, 25 October 2009

Three new novels for crime fiction fans...

Firstly one that was officially launched on October 22nd 2009 is my Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers co-editor, Matt Hilton's second in the Joe Hunter series entitled JUDGEMENT & WRATH. A crime thriller novel I'm half way through reading - and thoroughly enjoying - and is shaping up to be even better than the first, DEAD MEN'S DUST which, simply put, means it's a cracker!

Another one to look out for is talented northern crime novelist, Sheila Quigley's THE ROAD TO HELL - publisher Tonto Books - which is officially launched up in Newcastle on November 5th, so there should be fireworks (sorry). Sheila has a series of gritty novels featuring characters on THE SEAHILLS ESTATE.

And last but certainly not least, debut novelist, Nick Quantrill, over at Hull Crime Fiction, unleashes his Private Investigator, Joe Geraghty in BROKEN DREAMS to be published by Caffeine Nights late 2009.

Amendment/update from Nick: as the publisher is still awaiting confirmation of cataloguing/ordering for libraries & shops, plus the ongoing postal strikes (the proof copies are still in transit somewhere), the publishing date for BROKEN DREAMS will be March 2010.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice

It's time for my next three selections of shorts from across the net that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #4

Over at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers is part ten of Lee's epic horror yarn ('horror?' you ask in horror - click the title of this post for my Choice criteria) with an ever-growing body count and tension to die for (he-he). Having read them all, I'm well n truly hooked. Here's the link to all ten if you prefer - The Osseus Box - but they all work well as cracking stand alone pieces.

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #5

If you fancy some 'Brit Grit' gansta fun then look no further than Al's top tale over at the Flash Fiction Offensive. A fast flowing piece with lingo as good as it gets to more than satisfy all noir fans.

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #6

You want gore? You want imagery? You wanna see the last foray of a catwalk model with a troubled mind? Then check out this crime-cum-horror piece of flash at TKnC.
To learn more about what makes Lily tick click here.

Ps. The Brits have had a good run so far. Americans next!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New kid on the block - aspiring writer, David Barber...

My old school buddy, David Barber, has entered the blogosphere after our reunion in a Manchester pub last Monday. After our common bond of writing had brought us back together, we 'chewed the fat' on writing life, our aspirations and plans of action (sorry for sounding like a personal development guru!), just like we used to do twenty-something years ago in the local snooker club.

However, with my cue-arm still being in plaster from a broken wrist we had to give the ball games (ooo, matron) a miss on this occasion. (In truth, I didn't want to knock Dave's confidence with another battering!) Instead, a fair few pints later, we debated, amongst other things, Matt Hilton's latest crime thriller, Judgement & Wrath.
Dave also quizzed me on blogging and the importance of building a 'writer's platform' and he now has a
So how did Dave rekindle his love of the written word? He heard on the grapevine about Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers, made a few comments and now has half a dozen stories of his own on there. So why not support this new writer and give him some welcome feedback on his excellent work?

Ps. If I look like a short-arse on the photo it's because Dave is actually 7 foot three and he was wearing those ridiculous, eighties platform shoes. No really, I stooped to 'big him up' some more!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Col's won a coveted place in the anthology EVEN MORE TONTO STORIES 2009!

I'm absolutely ecstatic to announce that my crime story, MOPPING UP, has been selected by judge and novelist, Caroline Smailes, for the annual anthology run by Stuart Wheatman's Tonto Books.

Like all aspiring writers, I research the markets and submit my material in the hope the target - be it a publisher, agent, competition judge, webzine editor - will love it. Then I try to put the last submission to the back of my mind and crack on with the next project, and repeat the process.

However, with this one I couldn't do that as I reeeeally wanted it. The reason being: I firmly believe - and I'm not alone in this - that Tonto Books is one of the best up n coming names in publishing AND I knew if selected I'd be alongside some cracking writers.

The fact that my story is based on characters from the crime novel I'm endeavouring to finish has given me a further welcome boost, suggesting that I might just be onto something...?

And to top it all, I then discover that not only were there hundreds of entries, but my great friend, Matt Hilton, is also in the anthology!

To see the full results click on the title of this post.

Friday, 2 October 2009

An evening with my two favourite Crime Authors - Chris Simms & Matt Hilton

Well, okay, it was an hour or so, but that hasn't got the same ring to it, has it? I had the pleasure, along with some of my immediate family, of meeting two authors who've both inspired and selflessly helped me in my writing journey to date.

Having a broken wrist (at least it matches my City top - see below) I had to wait for the chauffeur (alias my missus, Mand') to finish work in order to escort me to Oldham Library and due to bad traffic I missed the bloomin' start. However, this didn't detract from a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially hearing some open and informative answers to the Q&A session.

When my eight year daughter plucked up the courage to ask (to 'Aws' from the crowd)...
'What advice would you give to people wanting to be authors?'
Chris replied, 'Read, read, read.'
Matt reiterated this and added, 'Stick at it and keep on keeping on.'
Now where have I heard that before? Simple, yet sound advice. I promptly thanked my little princess for getting me the answer to the question I bottled out of asking! I then sent my seven year old lad up to get the autographs Daddy longed for!
It was fantastic to meet Chris, and see Matt and his wife, Denise, again. Both authors are friendly, down-to-earth chaps who came across brilliantly, displaying modesty and wit in equal measures.
Matt gave us an insight into his writing world with a snippet of chat from his house...
'Matt, come on now, yer dinner's ready.'
'I can't, int middle of a car chase!'

Of course I got my copy of Matt's latest Joe Hunter thriller, JUDGEMENT & WRATH, as well as SAVAGE MOON, one of Chris's five DI Jon Spicer novels. Chris gave us an insight into research, openly admitting that Saddleworth Moor was simply 'too scary' to research at night so he went at dusk instead!

To learn more about Matt and Chris and their respective novels either click on the highlighted links above or check out the Q&A's (top right) that I did with them on this blog.