Sunday, 19 April 2009


As I work shifts and have children I find it difficult to regularly attend a Writers' Group so I often chat to like-minded virtual friends on Writers News Talkback - a friendly and informative Writers' Forum. This is my convenient alternative to a Writer's Group and I love the banter on there, as well as the empathy and instant responses to writing problems.

However, I recently changed from 'Col B' to my full name of 'Col Bury'. This got the old cogs turning and inspired a new short story: FORUM OF FURY.

I dedicate this story to my fellow Talkbackers as a thank you for their friendship and advice over the last couple of years.



Paul D Brazill said...

I'll have a mooch at it this afternoon after my trip to the... er ... gym!

Unknown said...

Cheers, Paul.
I hope it resonates!!!

Clare said...

I refute the idea that my mind can be likened to yours - I wasn't paranoid until I "met" you! :)

Unknown said...

What do you mean by that?
So it's all my fault then!