Thursday, 24 October 2013


(If you wanna skip my ramblings to snag the FREEBIE and run, then scroll down).

Just a wanted to say that I'm not ignoring you and that I'm still bang at it, as I endeavour to chase that elusive breakthrough. I've recently been floored by a bout of vertigo that has had me in and out of work. I'm hopeful it will settle, but I know people who've had it on and off for years.

Anyhow, back to writing.  My second crime novel manuscript is out there, via my agent, being read by editors. After the encouraging feedback received with the first one a couple of years ago, there's still hope.  However, this is tempered by concern that they just might not 'get it', since I took a calculated gamble with the plot twist, making it a 'crossover' novel.  The responses have been sluggish, at best, so it doesn't look too good.  I can't say that it's not been frustrating, but no one said it was easy!  Nothing worthwhile is.

Anyway, we'll see.  Of course, I've started a third, something of a change of tack, but less of a gamble, and still a crime thriller.  To be honest, I'm bursting to unleash my novels on the public, though I'm trying my best to remain patient and to not become too exasperated at the slow-turning traditional publishing cogs.  I can see why so many writers self-publish their novels these days.  It's very appealing on so many levels, but I still have faith in the traditional route, albeit at a particularly uncertain time for the industry.

In the meantime, my eBook collections are serving their purpose and being consistently read.  The positive feedback from readers has kept me going.  It feels like I'm getting closer, knocking on the door... and soon I'll be kicking the damn thing down (hopefully)!

After resisting this on principle up until now, in a 'shift of mindset' (aka 'selling out'?), I've decided to run a FREE promo (until Sunday 27th October 2013) on my short story collection, MANCHESTER 6.  After all, writers should give their stuff away shouldn't they? I mean, it's not like they've sweated blood and tears creating their masterpieces, while everyone else is watching telly and chillin' out, is it?

You're welcome to spread the word about the freebie, which would help ensure that it wasn't a complete waste of time!  I wonder if Kindles the world over are now filled up with eBooks that will never see the light of day...?  I also wanted to see if these types of promos worked on short story collections as opposed to novels.  To be honest, I couldn't see myself doing a free promo on a novel that has taken a year, or more, to develop.

In other news, I got my hat-trick! Three years on the bounce, having stories accepted for Maxim Jakubowski's brilliant MAMMOTH BOOKS OF BEST BRITISH CRIME.  This time EYES WIDE SHUT from charity anthology, OFF THE RECORD 2: At the Movies, was selected.

I will have some more 'Fat-Chews' with crime authors for you soon, once 'things' settle down a bit.

Finally, I'll update you with the result of my free promo 'experiment', once results are in, but a day and half into it the five days and the signs are promising...

US downloads = 155 & UK = 313. US rank = 1,299 (#2 in mystery short stories). UK rank = 119 (#1 in short stories).




You take care and keep soldiering on (unless it's driving you insane, in which case, take a break).
Ever determined.


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Anonymous said...

Been having trouble with people posting comments. Settings seem okay. If you have a problem commenting please let me know...

Mike Wilkerson said...

Hey Col. Understand your frustration-hard not to. Seems we're always fighting the "will they get it?" stigma, especially when you there's so much crap out there that makes no sense whatsoever.

Enough of that. Sorry to hear about the vertigo. Hope that shit doesn't plague you for the long term.


Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

Nice to hear from you, mate. Hope all is well with you.

I couldn't possibly comment regarding 'looking for pearls in a sea of sh*t', as that's not my style.

Thanks for the good wishes.


Lee Hughes said...

Hey Col, thanks for sharing the updates on where you are with going down the traditional path. It's the path a lot of us want to take. And also cheers for the freebie fella.

David Barber said...

Onward, buddy. Things will happen when they're supposed to. Be it traditional or going it alone. Only you will know when and what is right.

Best of British, my Manc friend.

(By the way - it's now traditional that folk don't leave comments on blogs/mags anymore. A simple like on Facebook is enough nowadays, which is a sad thing. Writers need a bit of feedback, be it on a blog post or a published story. Facebook and Twitter have fucked the mags and blogs right up the arse! End of rant.)

Unknown said...


Cheers, bud. I know you're still writing that unique and scary stuff, so stick at it. And, you're more than welcome.


I couldn't agree more. The blogs and ezines have been almost brushed aside by the rowdy social network sites. Can't say I like it. Hey-ho. Onwards...


Graham Smith said...

Couldn't agree more with everyone. Gotta go. Sitting on this fence is killing my psoterior