Tuesday, 1 March 2011

LEE HUGHES, our friend... a rallying call...

I've been in constant contact with 'The Big Man from the Isle of Man', and have just come off the phone to him. In brief, he's had a shitty run of luck in his personal life and has a few very important things to sort out.

He knows I'm doing this post, but he doesn't know I'm asking for you all to leave a comment below to give him that boost he currently needs - maybe your favourite story of Lee's, a funny moment shared, or just some good wishes.

For my small part, on my new website, I've just resurrected one of my favourite stories penned by Lee, from the archives of Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers... you can read it, rate it and comment here.

I know our fantastic online writing community will show this talented writer, and friend, just how much we care, to hopefully accelerate that day when he'll be back with us all again.

Thanks in advance,


Chris Alliniotte said...

I had started to wonder what had happened to the eloquent and noir-ish Mr. Hughes. Very sorry to hear that things are not going well. Thank you Col, for letting us know that Lee, who has been such a great friend and supporter to so many, can do with a reminder of that fact.

Lee was one of the first people to comment on my online writing over at MicroHorror, and it took precious little digging to find his own impressive work on the net. Since those early posts, I've become a huge admirer of Lee's work, and try to get my hands on everything he's written.

For my money - the best thing he's written is also the most ambitious. I got hooked on "The Osseous Box" at TKn'C, and am totally looking forward to the day it comes out in print.

Close second is "Fiddler's Green" which I first read on Lee's Blog, which is as far from horror as it gets. The quiet power of this story brought tears to my eyes.

Stay strong Lee, and know we're all here for you.

Patsy said...

I'm here to do the 'good wishes' bit - bunging 'em your way, Lee.

Liz Brownlee said...

Hey Lee, hope things get better very soon, we've been missing comments from you over you know where. When I logged in to comment here, the word verification was 'oyamate' - how spooky is that? I take it as a sign everything is about to look up, if even computer software is being friendly.

Antonia Woodville said...

Lee, been wondering where you are, missing you from the board, missing you generally. Thinking of you and sending every good wish that you pull out of this bad time really soon and get back on your life path. Lots of good wishes.

Cat said...

Sorry to hear things aren't going well Lee, you have been missed.

Hope all will improve very soon for you.


Sandra Patterson said...

Best wishes, Lee. Hope things improve for you soon.

Chippy said...

I hadn't read 'Coins For Charon' before now - but it was a great story.
The best of wishes to you Lee. Hope all the negative things turn around soon.

Lou Treleaven said...

Lee, you are the reason I now have stories out there - all because of your Talkback threads sharing opportunities online and in the indie presses. So thank you - and I hope you are back with us soon and that you get through this bad time.

Steven Chapman said...

Hey Lee, did wonder where you had been. I was missing the oh so eloquent comments on TB :D Sending positive hippy thoughts your way and hope you sort things out soon! I'm just having a re-read through some of your shorts (stories that is, not short shorts), and at least you always have the satisfaction in knowing no matter what happens in your life you will always be a feckin' amazing writer!

Carolb said...

Sending you a virtual hug, Lee, sorry things aren't going too well at the moment. Hope for better times soon.

Alan Griffiths said...

Best wishes to you Lee. Hope to see your cracking stories and posts appearing on the blogosphere again soon.

Take it easy and kind regards.

Michael Solender said...

Lee's been a great friend and a strong encourager of my work for the past couple of years. Always there with a good bit of common sense and advice I've watched as his own craft has blossomed and taken off. I've missed seeing him around the scene and wondered what he's been up to. I'm very chagrined to learn that life has put the bite on my virtual pal, but know him to be a tough sod who'll kick it in the balls soon enough. Looking forward to your return - a soon.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Lee- You were one of the first of the many cool writers who I met once I got into the crime writing scene. Your stories have entertained me and your comments on blogs have brought smiles to my face. I hope everything gets sorted out for you soon and you are back doing what you do best in the very near future. My thoughts are with you man!

EC said...

Best wishes, Lee. Hope these hard times will at least fuel your craft.

CekaTB said...

Dear Lee,
By the time I'd scraped those bastard brats you left crawling all over the ceilings and walls of That Place, I was too knackered to do anything more than sleep all winter. Now I hear the BBs are out hunting live flesh again and you're not there to control them. Git yo' ass back here, dear, and clean up the mess you left.Ya'll hear me now?
Luv ya

Paul D Brazill said...

Lee Hughes, is a top writer and a top man. Keep yer head above the water, mate.

Naomi Johnson said...

Lee, I echo all the positive sentiments already posted. I hope you're turning that dark corner and will soon be back in our midst. I'm hoping to count you among the entrants in the Watery Grave contest later this year.

AllWriteFictionAdvice said...

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time, Lee. I've stumbled from life's path plenty of times over the years but I have always come back harder and better and I know you can too. It's what we writers do.

"Tough times never last, but tough people do".
Dr. Robert Schuller

Lily Childs said...

Lee, I'm so sorry that life's slapped you down. You know I've been thinking about you all this time and that I'll support you until the ends of the earth. You've been such a good friend, critic and fellow journeyman - I'd love to see you back on the open road. It won't be long, step by step.

You know where I am if there's anything you need.
Lil x

Angel Zapata said...

Sorry to hear this world is crushing you down. Just remember, the world is nothing but a big ball. And you know what you should do to balls, right? Yep, kick 'em where it hurts! (which for this example would be anywhere your foot lands...)

Jodi MacArthur said...

You've been a personal inspiration. So much truth and passion in your words. I understand life sneaking up and taking a big bite when you're least expecting it. All I can say is, when you find your feet, turn around and bite it the f*cking back. Either way, we're all here for you whatever you need to do and whatever decisions you need to make. Good thoughts and vibes your way, my friend.

AnnaH said...

Sorry to hear things are not so flash at the mo, Lee, but I'm thinking of you and hope things take a turn for the better really soon. Cheers and love, IG

Shirley said...

Lee, sorry to hear you are having it tough at the moment, know that feeling myself. It's hard to stay strong I know, but hang in there.
'This too will pass' is what I say to myself.

Unknown said...

And more good wishes from our friends over at Writers' News Talkback forum...

CommentAuthor: ceka
Tinkin' of yer, Our Lee.

CommentAuthor: Wilts
Hope things get better for you soon Lee. Best wishes.

Sending positive thoughts his way -hope things get better soon.

CommentAuthor: megrose
Sorry to hear that things aren't good at the moment, Lee. Best wishes and I hope that life improves for you very soon.
CommentAuthor: Kangaroo
Sending positive thoughts your way Lee. Hope the problems go away quickly.
CommentAuthor: LilyC
Hugs, Lee. Left a comment last night.

CommentAuthor: Jay Mandal
This might cheer Lee up. There's a thread about fish being used for pedicures. Obviously they're little friendly fish that only eat dead skin. But what if someone put pirranha [sp?] in the tank? Not my sort of thing, but I thought Lee might be able to write something.

CommentAuthor: SilentTony
I always think of Lee as one of the good guys so feel for him now he's having a rough patch at the moment. Hopefully his good humour will see him him some way through any difficult time he's enduring. Best wishes to you mate and hope to see you at the other end of the tunnel, the one where the light is shining bright for you, even if it does looks dim at the moment.

CommentAuthor: Island Girl
Hope Lee feels better really soon. Thinking of you, LH. x

CommentAuthor: Rosalie
Best wishes, Lee. You've got a lot of mates here and we all wish you well.

CommentAuthor: doodleysquit
Chin up Lee, you will come through, whatever sh%^ life has dumped on you recently. Always appreciated your 'tell it like it is' comments/advice and the fact you've always been quick to offer support and help. Words are often as much use as a chocolate frying pan in dark times but we're all thinking of you and if there is anything practical you need help with just shout and I'm sure whoever can, will respond...

CommentAuthor: dora
Hello Lee
Sorry to read, as Col says, you've had the shitty runs recently, as it fair put me off my muligatawny soup that did.
Time you came back here, to annoy folk like, innit?

Anonymous said...

Lee you're a top bloke.
Your beer awaits you at The Slaughterhouse.

Anonymous said...

Lee you're a top bloke.
Your beer awaits you at The Slaughterhouse.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your thoughts again, Lee, in a written and not psycic way. Always enjoyed your stories, and appreciate the comments you wrote about my blog. In the words of Rhianna, and one hell of a good cliche, "don't let the people-who-work-in-bars get you down".

David Barber said...

Pretty much everything I've read of Lee's stuff is top notch indeed. I'm soory I'm late in leaving a comment but I hope everything sorts itself out and Lee comes back stronger than ever!!!!!!

Lexia257 said...

Best wishes from me too, Lee.
Would you hate it VERY much if I sing "Always look on the bright side of life" ?
You would ?
Ah well *Lexia shuts gob*

Hoping for better times to come soon, for you x

Unknown said...

Some more comments for Lee from Talkback...

CommentAuthor: Mutley
Thinking of you Lee. I hope things improve soon.

CommentAuthor: Dudess
Take care, Mr Writer.

CommentAuthor: ginab
Hope things improve soon. Chin up Lee, you'll come out the otherside stronger. ((((hug))))

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

There once was a man from Mann
(not from Nantucket)
When life gave him crap
His buds rallied to say, "Fuck it"

(whoops - Col? Was that OK?)

This man from Mann
is top o'the heap, aces in a stacked deck, the banterer of all banterers (because the writers'world as we know it covered caliber, commentaries and out and out stature stuff - that leaves all the razzamatazz for me to splash)

Lee on a spree is somethin' to set free . . . One just never has the same kinda grin as when they went in.

He's light. He's fire.
He's a damn swell hunk
of how I spell I-N-S-P-I-R-E.

Energies ... white light ... sage burned to all 4 cornerings of the earth ... good, good, good vibrations are sent to you darlin' man ... that and single malt scotch waitin' to be *clinked*.

OR SOME TATTERED MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. (We'll drink the bottle first, then get to makin' matters better)

~ Your ramblin' spirit in the Derby of Connecticut - though I do have a cousin on the Isle of Mann if I can help anyway there


~ Absolutely*Kate

Unknown said...


I'm late as usual...and apologize for that. Best wishes from someone you've never traded words with but sincere best wishes all the same.

As Forrest said, life is a box of frickin' chocolates. From everything I've been able to learn about you and have read of you, when the time is right - like Jodi said, you'll it turn it around and kick some ass in return.

Hang tough. - Jim Wilsky

Deb said...

Thinking of you, Lee. As Dolly Parton once said, you have to put up with the rain if you want to see the rainbow. What ever it is, it will pass.
Take care of yourself.

Unknown said...

Another from Talkback...

CommentAuthor: collide-o-scope

Hope to see you back on top form soon Lee. All the best mate.