Wednesday 16 September 2009

The Arrowsake Alumni - great new network for lovers of the thriller genre, including Matt Hilton's, Joe Hunter series.

Just to give you the heads up that thriller writer, Matt Hilton, has started a great new network called The Arrowsake Alumni - where you can not only chat about Joe Hunter, but also all other aspects of the thriller genre.

There are some intriguing and witty debates on there already so if you wanna have a mooch or join then click on the title for the link.

It's being billed as for "Graduates of Joe Hunter's school of hard knocks," and in Matt's words...

"Here fans can meet and discuss everything they want concerning Joe Hunter - and Matt Hilton's other writing. In fact if it's relevant i.e. about writing, reading and enjoying crime, mystery, suspense, horror and in particular thriller or action-oriented books, let us know what you think via the forum.
Everyone's welcome to join, so long as they remain respectful to all members. Otherwise Joe might have to pay you a personal visit!"


Author said...

Thanks for posting this Col, and welcome to anyone who wants to come and join.

Unknown said...

You're more than welcome, Matt.
It's a great place to hang out!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Col Bury, you show up in my life, make fun of my "drawings" and when I follow you back to your blog, I end up with new thriller authors to add to my must read list. You are a sly devil! Sigh.


Unknown said...

Hi Patricia. I actually followed my mate, Paul, over there.
It's nice of you to pop over though. It's good how this blog lark works as now we're both aware of each other.