Monday, 25 July 2011

It's SUPPER TIME...Zombie adult fun at Chris Grant's EATEN ALIVE...

Over the last few weeks - in between regular sessions of crime novel writing - I've 'stretched' somewhat and penned a couple of flash fiction pieces, slightly away from my norm. The aforementioned Clarity of Night contest submission is a supernatural/paranormal crime story (see last post). Meanwhile, when A Twist Of Noir editor, Christopher Grant kindly invites you to write a zombie short for his new site, EATEN ALIVE, then you write one! SUPPER TIME is my somewhat naughty response. I hope you enjoy it here... feel free to let me know...

PS. Mum, this one's NOT for you! :-)


Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing Col!!!

Chris Allinotte said...

Fantastic story Col. Made me giggle. (Longer comment @ the site.)

Col Bury said...

HiJack! (soz, mate)
Stopped laughing yet...? Thanks, fella :-)

Appreciate the comments, mate, both here and there. Cheers.