Sunday, 3 July 2011


  • The Brazilliant blog king extraordinaire, Paul D. Brazill has an exciting new ebook out, which is incredibly 'cheap as chips'! For more on 'DRUNK ON THE MOON' click here.
  • Over at cool American ezine, A Twist Of Noir, editor Christopher Grant has resumed the 600 to 700 Challenge
  • Geoff Eighinger has thankfully resurrected the sorely missed, Bullet Awards for best stories of the month on the net.  It's truly awesome to have this back, as it is to see David Barber's ever-growing Flash Fiction Offensive bagging TWO places in the top three!  Dave's doing a sterling job over there. Well done to all the winners - more here
  • Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers has yet more debuting writers, with some great flash fiction, including Thomas Pluck, Margaret D. Whittle and K.R. Helms, amongst others.
  • Crime thriller author of the popular Joe Hunter series, Matt Hilton, talks about the importance of libraries, and how they inspired him to write as a kid.  Listen to Matt's many variations of the word, 'Erm' (including, 'ehm' 'n' 'um') on BBC Radio Cumbria (fast forward to 2 hrs 18 secs). 
  • Oh, 'n' after some heavy research for my crime novel, I've decided to join horror writer Steven Chapman in the 'summer camp' at NaNoWriMo, where you commit to writing a 50,000 word novel in a month. What have I done? Cheers, Steve! If you need a bit of motivation to write, then it's not too late to join. Here's my profile page.  Obviously, I'll be aiming at the 90,000 word mark. But I'm a third of the way in already, so doing this is good for focus, in the busy life of a working dad!
Regards to all,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Col.

David Barber said...

Just catching up, buddy. Thanks for the shout out. I was chuffed for the writers and the mag.

Some great links there which I'll be checking out.

Good luck with the NANO month. I know what you've got on your plate so best of luck with it. Any help I can offer, you know where I am!

Col Bury said...

Since you offer... don't suppose you could write it for me... :-)

Hey, bud - enjoy your hols.

Kids are excited about seeing you guys again.