Monday, 18 July 2011

A 100 thank yous, a clingy dog 'n' finding balance... (dunt that just roll off the tongue?)

Great to see my 'followers' officially hit '100'. A heartfelt thanks to you all, including email subscribers and those who follow privately.

Since I'm editing at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers a lot, I can't post here as much as I'd like. Especially as I'm endeavouring to write a crime novel series too. Add demanding full-time shift work, two children and a clingy dog to the mix (Riley's like my shadow, even follows me into the bathroom!), and you can probably appreciate I'm forever battling for that elusive 'balance'.

How do you find your balance? Or, like me, are you constantly striving for it?


ROBIN said...

I'm failing to find a balance, Col. I work as a journalist, blog on CrimeTimePreview and Huff Post, and would like to find the time to write fiction.

Blogging could be a full-time job on its own, it's got so much potential. If it wasn't for the pesky need to earn money, I could squeeze so much more blogging and fiction in.

Still, some people manage it. I'll be checking your comments to see if anyone's got the answer to a better balance.

Congrats on the 100 followers, BTW.

Sue H said...

Blimey, mate - I've given up the day job, sadly no longer any hound, but I'm still chasing my tale (pun well and truly intended!)

'Balance' seems to come in fits and starts - usually help on it's way with a little alcoholic 'lubrication'.

As for kids - you NEVER stop being a parent, even when they're old enough to be parents themselves! (sorry to break that to you!) Which reminds me - I must see about changing the locks...... ;-)

Col Bury said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks. "The pesky need to earn money" - indeed. That's the damn problem, ain't it?

I think organising priorites (ie, those that take you near your ultimate goal, perhaps) is the key. Doing it, however...

Hey, just noticed the 101st follower! :-)


Crackin' pun - well worthy of an exclamation mark (in joke, he-he).

"Fits 'n' starts" - you sound like me (especially with the alcohol!).

And the kids thing, I kinda knew that already, but thanks for reminding me there's no respite.

Jennifer Thomson said...

Lovely dog. I have the same problem. My dog follows me everywhere, sits on top of my laptop and wants me to chase him around the room with an assortment of toys. I'm knackered and when I read my work out to him he just runs away and grabs a toy. Not much help.

Luca Veste said...

I'll repeat my FB comment over's a dogs life!

I'm lucky in that I'm a mature student so I have a few months off at the moment. Once September hits I'll have to dial it back a lot. I don't get much chance during the daytime though with 2 kids to look after!

It would be easier if we had 2 computers in our house though. While I'm trying to review/interview and write my own stuff, the wife wants to check out how her farm is doing on Facebook...which does cause problems!

Col Bury said...


If I send Riley to his bed, he just whines, so I can't win. I know this evokes the wrong image, but he watches me on the loo (sorry). But, as Steve Chapman said on FB, he watches his dog poop, so fair's fair. :-)


I know what you mean. I bought a cheap laptop for the kids to remedy this (cleared the history first, of course!). Plus, made sure the wife upgraded to a smart phone to do the FB malarkey.

I think once you've got your own space and minimize distractions, then it's half the battle. Easier said than done, though.

Anyone else got a definitive answer to mastering balance...?

Glaznost said...

Hey, i'm single, work four on and four off, have no kids or pets and i still struggle to find the space to get my ideas out. Admittedly when i get an idea in my head i can pump out a novel ina few weeks, but i feel like i'm missing out on most of my life to get it done.

Not sure what the answer is, maybe give yourself a writers retreat weekend every couple of months and go stay in a cheap hotel somewhere with a laptop?

Col Bury said...

Funny you should say that, Paul. I often dream of escaping to a holiday home/writer's retreat, maybe in The Lakes. Problem is they cost a bomb!

One day...

Suppose I could compromise 'n' do a room up int loft, a la Jodie Foster's in Panic Room. :-)

Michael Malone said...

Ignore the clingy dog (where did you get a photo of my pootch?)I go on a retreat now and again - and manage to write loads when I do.

Balance is v.difficult to achieve. Again - the need to keep a roof over my head takes precedence. The rest is continually reminding myself what I want to achieve.

Having said that I still manage to watch hours of crappy TV.