Sunday, 29 May 2011

What's up with blogger?

As usual, I've been browsing friends' blogs, stories, etc. However, I can't seem to comment any more. I'm not being ignorant, but WTF is going on? It seems to have corresponded with this new 'spam filter' introduced by blogger, and me changing the blog design to wide. Their online help is crap. It's doing me head in!

Any ideas, folks? Or can you not comment either?


Ps. My NTL WORLD email is also playing up, so please use my gmail or hotmail.


David Barber said...

Hi mate. There are quite a few out there who can't comment. I've been using 2 browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) to sort my posts out. One for each blog as I couldn't sign out of one and straight into another. An online buddy advised me to clear out all cookies and cache which can be done via tools and then internet options. I just deleted everything: history, cookies, cache, temp files etc. Touch (my huge) wood, things are going OK.....up to now.

It's got to be worth a try.

Got your email. Chin-up, mate. Will email you later or ring you in the week.

Love to your clan!

Col Bury said...

Thanks, Dave. Will give it a try, mate.

If you do get five minutes, email me as in work all week :-(

Col Bury said...

Hey, Dave. I lessened the width of my blog and then used your blog to do a test comment. It worked, so maybe it was that. Still deleted browsing history, etc.

Hopefully, that should sort it.

I'll leave you to play with your wood now!

Sue H said...

I've been switching between IE, Firefox and Google Chrome to try and get comments to load. Tried clearing out cookies - still a bit hit and miss with blogger so far. I wish they'd work the problem and get it fixed!

('s hoping this comment posts successfully first time...!)

Sue H said...

(...colour me 'so surprised' - it did it! :-o )

Col Bury said...

For a big company, they're poop!

Thanks, Sue, & congratulations!:-)

Sue H said...

Col - 'congratulations' ?

Erin Cole said...

Hi Col,

Me too. I find that I can sign into blogger and can comment only if when I sign in I don't check the 'keep me signed in box'. Not sure why that made the difference, but now I can comment again.

Col Bury said...

Good point, Erin. Will remember that. I've been okay for the last couple of hours, though. Since I reduced the width of my blog. Dunno whether that was just a coincidence...?

'Congrats', on successfully commenting! :)

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

This is also becoming a huge PITA for me as well. Both Paul Brazil's and Dave Barbers's blogs are giving me issues. I have tried the Firefox thing, but it still has latency issues. This really sucks because both blogs i love, but can't comment on as it is too much hassle waiting, and then having my browser crash.

Col Bury said...

It's very hit 'n' miss, Sean. Now the hit counters are down too. It's one thing after another... grrr...