Monday, 9 May 2011

A mysterious new website opens... plus, a stranger makes a welcome return...?

That mysterious, masquerading man, Vallon Jackson, has opened his vault to all comers (no innuendo intended). There are some cracking stories over there, including three 'laugh out loud' humorous crime shorts, under the 'weird' tab on the site. The 'Pie Saga' will lift yer spirits too. Unravel the mystery of Vallon here.

Also... I hear whisperings... feint rumblings in the distance... murmurings within the blogosphere... that one of our sorely missed friends could be making a most welcome return...

But, SHH! We don't want to scare him off before his inimitable 'wordsmithery' scares us shitless!

In other news: crime writer, and all-round good guy, Sean Patrick Reardon has been interviewed by author/literary agent/editor, Allan Guthrie here.


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Oh do tell! Thanks for the mention. Hope Mrs. Bury had a wonderful day yesderday!

Col Bury said...

My lips are sealed... that new evo-stick chewing gum has got a lot to answer for. :-)

Sean, when I read your comment, I thought, 'shit... have I missed Mother's day! Then I remembered my comment of your blog... phew!

Matt Hilton said...

Good news comes in threes. :-)