Friday, 9 October 2009

Col's won a coveted place in the anthology EVEN MORE TONTO STORIES 2009!

I'm absolutely ecstatic to announce that my crime story, MOPPING UP, has been selected by judge and novelist, Caroline Smailes, for the annual anthology run by Stuart Wheatman's Tonto Books.

Like all aspiring writers, I research the markets and submit my material in the hope the target - be it a publisher, agent, competition judge, webzine editor - will love it. Then I try to put the last submission to the back of my mind and crack on with the next project, and repeat the process.

However, with this one I couldn't do that as I reeeeally wanted it. The reason being: I firmly believe - and I'm not alone in this - that Tonto Books is one of the best up n coming names in publishing AND I knew if selected I'd be alongside some cracking writers.

The fact that my story is based on characters from the crime novel I'm endeavouring to finish has given me a further welcome boost, suggesting that I might just be onto something...?

And to top it all, I then discover that not only were there hundreds of entries, but my great friend, Matt Hilton, is also in the anthology!

To see the full results click on the title of this post.


Michael Solender said...

super news mate. congrats ans well deserved!

Lost Wanderer said...


Col Bury said...

Thanks a lot, Mike.

Cheers, LW (& I mean that quite literally as I'm holding a large whisky aloft!).

Lee Hughes said...

Nice one Col, absolutely made up for you, well deserved!!

Paul D. Brazill said...

Good on you, young man! well deserved.

Matt Hilton said...

Col, I just have to join everyone in wholeheartedly congratulating you. It's well deserved and I think even more so as you showed true grit in delivering a top notch story here (I've read the stroy folks and it is very good indeed).
That first rung's behind you now, mate.
Get on!!

Matt Hilton said...

Oh, and thanks for giving me a plug, too!

Caroline said...

Congratulations! The collection is everything that I hoped it would be and I'm so happy that you're thrilled to be part of it. I look forward to seing your name in print.

Col Bury said...

Paul,'Young'? (not the old 80's singer!). Cheers, mate.
We keep plugging away don't we? Ta, bud.
You've been backing me every step of the way - so a hearty thanks, pal.
Welcome to my blog n thanks for popping over. Sounds like you had a helluva job judging this. I can't wait to read all the stories and can't thank you enough for selecting MOPPING UP!
Regards to all,

jrlindermuth said...

Let me add my congratulations.

Lily Childs said...

Col - well done!!

When's it being published? Can't wait to read it.

You so deserve this. Congratulations.

Col Bury said...

Thanks for popping over.

It's out end of November I think, but I'll clarify this as soon as I know.

Alan Griffiths said...

Fantastic news Col. Sorry I'm a bit late picking up on this but many congratulations and well deserved.

Col Bury said...

Hey, no worries, Al. You're not late at all - I'm still celebrating!
Ta for popping over, mate.

Wet Ink said...

Can't wait to see our work in print. Congrats again, Col, and to Matt too!

Wet Ink said...

By the way, I'm Sue -- "Wet Ink" is the name of my blog!

Col Bury said...

Hi Sue.
Ditto. Mine's a Brit grit style crime story. What genre is yours?

David Barber said...

Envy, envy, envy! Who gave me two kids to slow me up on everything?
Seriously, congrats pal. It's what I'm striving for!!

Col Bury said...

Tenacity is key, bud.
Hey, n I've got two kids, too!
Stick at it.

S J Bradley said...

Hey Col! Cheers for the comment. I'm looking forward to reading your story too... so exciting to get published isn't it?!! Take care - Sarah x

emma said...

Congrats Col! Can't wait till it comes out. Better get another bottle of champers ready.

Col Bury said...

Hey Sarah n Emma,
Nice to 'virtually' meet you both as a consequence of our shared success...I'll raise a glass to that!

Clare said...

Better late than never - I've just found this! WELL DONE, Col- no wonder you're feeling chuffed but you've put in the work so it's really well-deserved - i'm delighted for you.
(Well done Matt, Sue and Emma as well - look forward to reading the final product.)

Clare said...

Oops - well done, Sarah too!

Col Bury said...

Thanks for popping over, Clare. You've been a loyal n supportive friend on this writing journey.

Mc said...

Sorry I'm late, Col! Only just seen this! Way to go! Congratulations! Is the bar still open?

Col Bury said...

Mc, the bar's always open 'ere! And thanks.
Forgive me, though, but not sure who you are...?

Col Bury said...

Just heard this anthology will hit the 'stands in May 2010.