Friday, 2 October 2009

An evening with my two favourite Crime Authors - Chris Simms & Matt Hilton

Well, okay, it was an hour or so, but that hasn't got the same ring to it, has it? I had the pleasure, along with some of my immediate family, of meeting two authors who've both inspired and selflessly helped me in my writing journey to date.

Having a broken wrist (at least it matches my City top - see below) I had to wait for the chauffeur (alias my missus, Mand') to finish work in order to escort me to Oldham Library and due to bad traffic I missed the bloomin' start. However, this didn't detract from a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially hearing some open and informative answers to the Q&A session.

When my eight year daughter plucked up the courage to ask (to 'Aws' from the crowd)...
'What advice would you give to people wanting to be authors?'
Chris replied, 'Read, read, read.'
Matt reiterated this and added, 'Stick at it and keep on keeping on.'
Now where have I heard that before? Simple, yet sound advice. I promptly thanked my little princess for getting me the answer to the question I bottled out of asking! I then sent my seven year old lad up to get the autographs Daddy longed for!
It was fantastic to meet Chris, and see Matt and his wife, Denise, again. Both authors are friendly, down-to-earth chaps who came across brilliantly, displaying modesty and wit in equal measures.
Matt gave us an insight into his writing world with a snippet of chat from his house...
'Matt, come on now, yer dinner's ready.'
'I can't, int middle of a car chase!'

Of course I got my copy of Matt's latest Joe Hunter thriller, JUDGEMENT & WRATH, as well as SAVAGE MOON, one of Chris's five DI Jon Spicer novels. Chris gave us an insight into research, openly admitting that Saddleworth Moor was simply 'too scary' to research at night so he went at dusk instead!

To learn more about Matt and Chris and their respective novels either click on the highlighted links above or check out the Q&A's (top right) that I did with them on this blog.


Lee Hughes said...

Sounds like a great evening and you got a lot out of it, with the questions and answers. Some great photos too.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Lee.
Just seeing them both and hearing how they just 'crack on' professionally with the writing did it for me.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks for the post, Col. As per usual I don't ever seem to get enough time to speak to everyone as much as I'd like to, but it was great seeing you there - traffic problems not with standing - and to meet your lovely family. I enjoyed the night (or the hour and a bit) and it was equally great meeting Chris too. He's a real down to earth, unassuming bloke, and a real talent.

Col Bury said...

Ditto, Matt.
And THAT'S why you're my two favourite authors.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Sounds like a good gig. I'll have to check out Mr. Simms' work.

Col Bury said...

You won't be disappointed, Paul. Gritty, dark n well researched.