Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Blog Wins Award!

A big thanks to Lost Wanderer for this award. ('Er...I'd also like to thanks me mum...'). LW not only blogs articulately about her own writing, but also encourages fellow aspiring writers with a 'short story challenge,' whereby they report back each month on their output.

Lost Wanderer's link:

For the rules of this award click the title above.

So now I must award this to five deserving 'bloggy' friends, whose blogs I admire.

1) Matt Hilton -
2) Lee Hughes -
3) Paul D. Brazill -
4) Michael Solender -
5) Tracy Ann Baines -

Congrats to all the above!


Michael Solender said...

I'd like to thank.. ah hell,,it's nice to be noticed! Cheers for being part of a scribblers network!

Lee Hughes said...
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Lee Hughes said...

I'm all emotional now.

Matt Hilton said...

Where's Gwyneth Paltrow to do a speech when you need her?

Thanks Col, much appreciated.

Col Bury said...

Good job the rules didn't stipulate 'six' as I could only think of you five!!!
Only kidding - you've all given me so much - cheers, folks.

Tracy said...

Wow - thank you, Col my first ever blogging award.
I too would like to thank, well, ColB and all the writers and agents who have agreed to be interviewed. Couldn't have done it without them.

Paul Brazill said...

Thanks very much Col. I'm off to the pub now!

Col Bury said...

You're welcome, Paul.