Friday, 25 March 2011

Spinetingler Award Nominees 2011, for best short story...

The Spinetingler Awards, as many writers and readers will know, are among the most respected on the net. So, to see some of your friends on the list of nominees is thrilling. Two of the nominees made my 'Crime Fiction Choice' series, proving the Spinetingler selectors also have impeccable tastes! :-)

I have to say, I'm particularly thrilled that my loyal friend, horror/crime writer extraordinaire, Lily Childs, made the coveted list with her short story Carpaccio. We're so proud to have published this creepy and memorable tale on Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers.

Jodi MacArthur's cracker, Pillow Talk, is also among the ten nominees - including, others I'll be checking out from, Matthew C Funk, Nigel P Bird, Chad Eagleton, Steve Weddle and more. Voting starts next week. The full list is here.

Congratulations to all the nominees!


Anthony Cowin said...

Congratulations to everybody who has been nominated. A couple of special mentions to Lily Childs and Jodi MacArthur.

Good luck to everybody and thanks to Col for spreading this fantastic news.

Anonymous said...

Col, congratulations on publishing Lily's award-nominated story. It reflects well on TKC and as they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Jodi MacArthur said...

Congrats to TKnC & Lily for her awesome story nomination! Thanks for the nod, Col, much appreciated my friend.

Lily Childs said...

Thanks Col, and TKnC. Anthony also. I am completely taken by surprise and honestly awed to be in such company.

Jodes, my lovely - I hold your exquisite prose in inspirational high regard. Good luck!

CekaTB said...

Ahead of the Game, Col, we saw it here first.
Well done Child Lily and good luck.And good luck Jodi too, though you're not on my 'I know her' list!

Col Bury said...

Thanks, guys.

Good luck when the voting starts!