Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The secret's out... I have a new website...

Not much of a secret, I know, but below is a 'Bury Bonus' for all aspiring crime writers so read on...

I was gonna keep the site under wraps, until I'd completed its construction, but a few beady-eyed sleuths spotted it! (Typical crime writers, eh?).

I wanted something, easy(ish) to manage, more like a website, to complement my blog, and Wordpress.com seemed ideal. So thanks to fellow writer, Jeanette Cheezum, for inadvertently introducing me to Wordpress.

I'm well pleased to have had permission from top notch writers, Lily Childs, Al Griffiths and Paul D. Brazill to re-publish a cracking story apiece, under the 'Guest's Stories' tab. And that's just for starters! Be sure to check out their quality fiction, comment, and rate them out of 5-stars.

Oh, 'n' I've uploaded ten of my own shorts for you to devour if you're hungry.

And the 'Bury Bonus'... My American agent has subscribed to the site and will be reading the short fiction on there and offering comments now 'n' then. He's informed me he enjoys short fiction, but is actually on the lookout for 'crime driven novels'.

So, if you get an invitation from me asking your permission to showcase one of your shorts in the future... who knows...?

Pop over for a nosey here... http://colburysnewcrimefiction.wordpress.com/


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

It is a tremendous looking site Col, and the picture of you on the banner is cool as well. Best of luck with it!

Ian Ayris said...

Top stuff, mate. Great layout and some brilliant stories. Smacks of quality. The whole thing.

All the best with it,


Paul Grzegorzek said...

So i'm awaiting my invite like a girl on prom night...

The site looks ace mate, bloody good job for someone who can barely reach the keyboard!

AEBMcN said...

Hello, The new site looks very clean and modern, but I like the one you've got!

I'm trying to get in touch as I'm a librarian in Bury (and you're Col Bury) and I've Chris Simms coming to Whitefield library for a Crime night so i thought you could help. All the best, Alison

Unknown said...

Cheers, bud. Nice of you to show your support.

Thanks, Ian. Quality is what I was aiming for, so I'm glad you thought that.

Perhaps my wording made it sound glib, so I've clarified that last line about 'permission' to publish others' stories.
Ps. Pot, kettle n black springs to mind! :)

Nice to hear from you. I will be still blogging here, but wanted something snazzy to complement this blog. I'll email you.


Anonymous said...


Wordpress is lucky to have you.