Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice... with a twist!

This time I've chosen my top five shorts from 2010, but the punchy reviews aren't here. Why? Chris Rhatigan kindly invited me to join his series, 'My Top Five for 2010', over at his cool blog, Death by Killing. So I thought, 'Two birds, one stone...' 'n' all that. They're all crackers, I promise - the link is below my choices.

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #13 - THE WATCHER by A.J. Humpage

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #14 - CARPACCIO by Lily Childs

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #15 - AN URBAN MYTH by David Barber

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #16 - UNITED WE FALL by Sean Patrick Reardon

Col Bury's Crime Fiction Choice #17 - THE LIARS OF THE LAUGHING CITY by Richard Godwin

Ps. If you fancy reading all my Crime Fiction Choice's to date, then click here.


AJ Humpage said...

Thanks for including me in your top choices, Col, I'm really pleased to be up there among some amazing writers. There are some cracking stories here and it makes writing all the more pleasurable when they're read and enjoyed by people.

Col Bury said...

Credit where credit's due, AJ.

Michael Solender said...

Nice pics col, more for the library for me!

chad rohrbacher said...

Nice pics here -- a few I haven't read ---- yet :)

Lily Childs said...

Hi Col

Wow - thank you for the listing. It's great to be included and to be in such good company.


David Barber said...

My year is certainly going great at the minute. Something shitty is going to happen just to spoil Man City winning the Premiership!!! Ha!!!

Seriously, Col, thanks loads for picking my story. I, like others have said before me, am proud to be in your top 5 with such great writers.


Anonymous said...

Col, you have chosen some fantastic stories. I know everyone is pleased that you took the time to do this.

I was pleased when Paul Brazill chose my story, that was published by you at TKnC.

Col Bury said...

Mike / Chad,
Thanks. I'm glad I chose some that you may have missed - that was the whole idea.

Dave, I've had a few so I'll try 'n' temper this... f*ck it, you've had a fantastic start to the new year 'n' am so very proud of 'n' chuffed for you, mate.

Your story was unique, well written 'n' stood out.

Nice of you to say that. 'What's in the Cellar?' was a belting story that I enjoyed immensely.


Ps. Any typos? Six pints of Guinness say there must be...! :)

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Col- Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name looking back at me. Thanks for the nod man. All these stories are great reads and its a real trip to be included with such terrific writers.

Col Bury said...

You're the only writer who's featured twice in my choices to date so well in, bud.