Saturday, 18 September 2010

Eastern Standard Crime is back... plus a few musings...

Geoff Eighinger is re-opening Eastern Standard Crime on October 1st. I have fond memories of the site, as my short FORUM OF FURY was given a very positive review there once upon a time. Plus, several writer friends received acclaim for their stories on the likes of Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers and A Twist Of Noir. I recall TKnC actually winning a 'Bullet Award' from ESC in August 2009, as did, the somewhat stunned, David Barber for one of his first published stories, SORRY LOVE. I blogged about it here on TKnC.

However, to avoid the burnout that saw Geoff close the site last year, he will be only reviewing crime novels from North American writers (sighs). Who knows, he may branch out to the Brits one day (hint, hint, Geoff).

To diverge, may I thank all my blog friends who chose to spread the word about my recent good news of earning representation from highly-respected New York agent, Nat Sobel.

Also, I had a lovely surprise earlier in the week when EVEN MORE TONTO SHORT STORIES slapped onto the hallway mat. It contains my first ever story in print, the gritty, no-nonsense, MOPPING UP - which introduces characters from my crime novel, including Detective Inspector Jack Striker. In a welcome twist of fate, I'm honoured to be sharing the pages with Matt Hilton, whose story THE SKIN WE'RE IN is well worth a nosey.

Thanks, too, to Matt Hilton, who assisted me with my crime postings over at TKnC, as I've been particularly busy lately. There has been a flurry of posts recently and you may have missed some excellent stories, including some cracking debuts, so why not check out the last dozen or so? You won't be disappointed. And please let the writers know what you thought, constructively!
I'm rambling, so catch you soon... hopefully with good news on my crime novel, which is doing the rounds...



David Barber said...

Thanks for the mention, mate. I'd forgot about that. That was the first story I had published on TKnC. Thanks to you, bud.

I'll have to get myself a copy of the TONTO book, so that you can sign it for me. Then, when you're rich and famous and you drink yourself to death it'll be worth even more on ebay! Hahahahahaha!!!! Thing is though, I'll probably be drinking myself to death with you! :-)

Seriously, well done to you for everything that is coming your way. You deserve it, pal. Best wishes to you and yours.

Col Bury said...

Problem with comments it seems...

Col Bury said...

Ah, right - sorted.

Cheers, Dave.
And, yeah, you did enter the blogosphere in some style with that story.
Regards to you 'n' the girls.

Alan Griffiths said...

It’ll be good to see ESC back, Col. Geoff kindly reviewed my first ever story on ATON and was very positive, which for me was a blast to read.

Many congrats on the short story publication with MOPPING UP – that must be a blast and a half for you; very richly deserved. I love the name Jack Striker, City could do with a good one up front!

Kind regards.

Col Bury said...

The review came at just the right time for me, when I was still finding my feet. This kind of encouragement is what's truly great about the blogosphere, along with the ongoing support from the likes of your-good-self.
I'm so glad you like the name of my DI. I was a little apprehensive people may have thought of Jack Reacher, but Striker was born two years before I read a Lee Child novel! I wouldn't be so big-headed as to say, great minds think alike, of course. :)
Cheers, bud.
Ps. Can't disagree re' City either. Why, oh why, did they let Bellamy go?

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

ESC looks like a cool site. Following it now. Neat reading yours and Dave's early writings. Fingers crossed for you as the novel makes the rounds.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Sean. Nice to see you over here, bud.

Pixie J. King said...

Hey Col,
I've nominated you for a Creative Writer blogger award. Check it out on my blog to see what's what.

Well done on the anthology, it's nice to see your name in print, I must admit. I'll be having 6 more in print soon. :)

Good luck with the novel and things, too!

Pixie x

Col Bury said...

Many thanks for thinking of me, Pixette, and for the good wishes.
And well done on your own well-deserved successes to date.