Monday, 7 June 2010

Hey guys n gals... I'm back... well, nearly...

Hi Folks,
Just a quickie to let you know that my time away from blogging has been utilized to sort out a few extremely important issues. Throughout my hiatus I've tried to keep in touch as best I can with this fantastic writing community we've all created.

I'm on the home straight now regarding the 'important issues' that needed resolving. Despite some of the aforementioned being private, I will be back real soon with updates and things will be much clearer then.


SueH said...

You big tease, Col! Guess we'll have to be patient just a little longer - but looking forward to your return, anyway. :-)

Sean Patrick Reardon said...


Good luck with the sorting out, and good timing on my part, as I just discovered your blogs. Looking forward to reading more.

Alan Griffiths said...

Good to see you out and about on the blogosphere again Col.

Best Wishes and Kind Regards.

Author said...


David Barber said...

We'll be here bud. Nice to see you getting back to normal....whatever normal is. :-)

P.s. Good luck with the non-private thingymajig.

Mike Wilkerson said...

It'll be good having you back.

Unknown said...

Tick, tock... :)

Perfect timing and thanks for the link. I'm following both your blogs now.

Al, Dave n Mike,
Cheers lads & thanks for your kind words.


Sean Patrick Reardon said...


Way Cool! Thanks

Lee Hughes said...

About time, how long does it take to get over the particular rash? You'd think with modern medicine it would be a cinch.

Glad you've returned.

Unknown said...

You're welcome - us fledgling crime writers must stick together.

I've been 'itching' to get back. :)

Paul Grzegorzek said...

Yay, finally the bandages have come off and soon Colette will be a secret no more... oops!

It'll be good to have you back mate, i've missed your input, and i'm glad the sex-change went well.

I'm still not kissing you though, not until you shave.

Lily Childs said...

Great to hear you're creeping and crawling your way back towards us Col. We're waiting... (quick Kate Bush moment there)

Unknown said...

Paul n Lil,
Lovely to hear from you both.
And get the name right - it's Colleen! :)

致遠致遠 said...
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Christopher Grant said...


Glad to hear that you've just about got everything squared away and that you're going to come out and play again.

It's been too long without you, man.

Unknown said...

Nice to hear from you, Chris.
Like I said: not quite, but on the home straight.

Paul D Brazill said...

Nice to see you out and about!

廖淑凡 said...
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Unknown said...

Cheers, Paul!