Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"Come on England!" (FF's sake!).

Hi chaps n chapettes,
I will soon be providing updates regarding my hiatus, but am not quite ready yet. However, I couldn't resist a football post - which one could argue is both 'crime' n 'fiction'.

I'm sure most of you are aware that the Football World Cup is well underway in South Africa. England, to coin an apt cliche, have flattered to deceive so far, drawing two of their group games to leave a must-win fixture versus the mighty Slovenia on Wednesday. Maybe we could say the 1-1 draw with the US was our way of maintaining that, somewhat strained, 'Special Relationship' (told you I'd include fiction). But the draw against Algeria was a bridge too fookin far! I made a bold prediction before the match: let's just say I got Algeria's nil correct n leave it at that.

Coupled with the naff performances n players speaking out against the manager's questionable tactics, our camp is in disarray. But I suppose it could be worse, looking at the French squad who imploded n sent a player home which, incidentally, is where they're all heading now (au revoir - he,he!). Poetic justice, I feel, after them cheating v the Irish in the qualifiers.

The passion for the England side is still massively strong over here, with red n white Saint George's flags hanging out of windows on every street, flying on many cars, and no doubt the pubs will be full again for the next game. If our over-paid players could just put their over-inflated egos to one side n just play the game - we bloody invented - at their optimum levels then we'd easily brush aside the Slovenians. Alas, the pressure is akin to a bubbling volcano, as the notorious English press are circling for the kill, so ...sod it ...2-1 England! (more fiction?).

You heard it here first (gulp).

Oh, n the 'crime' bit... well, if we lose n go out it would be a heinous crime committed by our multi-millionaire players against all true England fans.

So FF's sake... "COME ON ENGLAND!"

Catch y'all soon,


Pixie J King said...

Hear hear Col. Agree with you there.

And adding more crime to the list, if we DO lose tomorrow, then it will be a crime that this bloomin' match has been on my screen for 90 minutes (Last match was 94...) and for what? To see men on a field run about a bit to not kick a ball in.

Let's just say, I aint keen on football, and these English players are not wanted on my screen, thank you. I could watch Wimbledon instead.

Pixie x

jenny wilson said...

I love the picturex

David Barber said...

4-0. The Portugese showed the rest of the world how to dismantle a smaller, weaker team, so COME ON ENGLAND, you overpaid, underworked, wife swapping, arses. Show us what you can really do!

Nice post, Col. :-)

Glaznost said...

I think we're going to lose, and then the England fans who went out to SA should be able to claim their trips back as expenses from the players who let them down so very badly...

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

I watched the US v England game, as did a lot of people in the U.S. Got a kick out of the announcer saying something like "Even a schoolboy would not have let in "the goal".

I also love the picture. Fez's rock!

Sue H said...

Are you ready for the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth up and down the land tomorrow if England (whisper it -) LOSE!

Meanwhile, I have Spain in the works' sweepstake - I have to keep asking the OH about their progress just so I can sound interested at work!

BTW - nice to see you (almost) back, Col! :-)

Alan Griffiths said...

Good to see you out and about on the blogosphere Col!

As for England, 2-0 in our favour, no sweat....

Kind regards to all.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Mmm. We'll see. So sad about France ...

Lee Hughes said...

I heard that all the players cancelled their milk and newspaper deliveries for only one week, just as well.

Enland bomo ti pošiljajo domov

Col Bury said...


WE WON - that was more like it. Keep the faith.

Ta very much - the wily magician worked his magic at last.

It should've been 4.0 chance-wise. Would've been easier viewing, eh?

Yo fella. Ze Germans next, maybe.
Fortunately our sub goalie has kept two clean sheets. Bodes well.

Thanks. Hope you win the sweep - NOT! :)

Nice to hear from you. You very nearly called it right, bud.

Convinced yet?

Looks like there's gonna be some sour milk left over. Hopefully it'll be cheese by the time they return.

Thanks for all your coments.

Matt Hilton said...

Was that last comment from a Slovenian fan? ;-)

Col Bury said...

Lol, Matt.
China, I think.
Better delete it!