Thursday, 31 December 2009

All the best for 2010...any resolutions?

So it's goodbye to 2009 and time to, start afresh, write a list of resolutions and goals, then forget all about 'em by the second week in January! In a radical change of tack I'm trying the old reverse psychology this new year...
1) Drink copious amounts of alcohol.
2) Smoke more.
3) Eat more.
4) Procrastinate more.
5) Mismanage my time.
6) Treat people like shit.
7) Read less.
8) Write less.
9) Mast...
Think I'll leave that there!
It's probably best to focus on one specific goal to give yourself a chance. After some encouraging successes in 2009, my main one has to be getting my crime novel polished to perfection then published (sounds so simple, dunnit? Yeah right!).
So whatever you choose to achieve I sincerely hope you're successful.
Good luck n all the best,


Matt Hilton said...

Right back at you, mate. here's to 2010 being THE year.

David Barber said...

All the best to you too, bud.

Thanks for the encouragement and advice since August, I really appreciate it.

Happy New Year to the rest of the Bury's as well, mate. (If you could pass my wishes on for me.)

Speak soon mate, David.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Matt. I hope you're right!

An absolute pleasure, Dave.
Ditto to you n yours, mate.

Erin Cole said...

And laugh less - though not here! Awesome. Here's to a "shitty" New Year ;)

Lee Hughes said...

Happy New year!

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Erin. I won't say same to you!
Lee, Same to you.
Eerin, I lied!

Col Bury said...

The flaw of commenting on these blogs...sorry, Erin, though 'Eerin' would be a good name for a horror writer...?
No? Ok, I'll get me coat.

Paul D. Brazill said...

All the best Col.

Col Bury said...

Cheers. Same to you, Paul.
Big year for you I reckon!