Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Writer, Angel Zapata's detective skills flush out plagiarist, Richard Ridyard...

The blogosphere is bubbling with the news that we have a plagiarist in our midst. He didn't only dupe Matt and I over at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers, but also many unsuspecting editors, writers and readers alike across our tightly knit network, including American Writer, Angel Zapata.

Now I am aware of libel laws, but with such compelling and damning evidence meticulously unearthed by Angel, I have no hesitation in vigorously backing all the honest folk within our wonderful writing community.

This Fraudster even plagiarised the master himself, Stephen King!!!

Click the title of this post for extensive details.

Ps. A huge thanks must go to Angel.


Col Bury said...

Just got back - throughly enjoyed it. Update n pics to follow.

Col Bury said...

BTW, I can spell thoroughly!

Col Bury said...

...but I can't type comments on the correct post.
I just got back from seeing Matt n Chris!!!
Plonker - blame the wine.

Incidentally, there are 100+ comments over on Angel's blog about the plagiarist.

Shit n fan spring to mind.