Sunday, 23 August 2009


Hi Folks,

This weekend we've had six of the best uploaded over on the ezine I co-edit, Thrillers, Killers N Chillers. So to be fair to the writers and in case you missed the simultaneous posts, here's a quick reminder.

Check out BLOOD SISTER, part 4 of Lee Hughes' epic tale, THE OSSEOUS BOX.

Experienced author, Michael A Kechula, chills us in classic style with RED DUST.

Regular, Lily Childs, is up to her old tricks with her unique short, SLIDESHOW.

Newcomer, Michael Robert Gordon goes Detective in his thought-provoking, IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN HERE.

Last, but not least: My old school friend, David Barber, has rekindled the writing bug with his second piece of micro fiction this week, LETTING GO.
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Ps. You may want a nosey at some of mine over there, too!


Michael Solender said...

right good works all..

Matt Hilton said...

I second the motion.

Matt Hilton said...

Hey, Col, I've nominated you for a blog award (just a bit of fun), but if you want to take it, see details at my blog:

Col Bury said...

Hey, cheers Matt! That's very thoughtful of you.

And, as always, thanks for popping by, Michael - I couldn't agree more.

Col Bury said...

One of the 'six of the best' has since been deleted after proven allegations of plagiarism and fantastic detective work by Angel Zapata.