Friday, 24 April 2009

A surge in popularity for sister website, Thrillers, Killers N Chillers!

Over at Thrillers, Killers N Chillers we've had seven new stories in five days, including three yesterday alone, and the promise of imminent submissions, as the site gains in popularity throughout the writing fraternity with over 1400 hits in less than three weeks!

There was also an unexpected, but very welcome, mention over at The Rap Sheet earlier this week for two of the stories: Paul Brazill's eerie tale containing nuances and all, THIS OLD HOUSE, and my very own, FORUM OF FURY, addressing the fact we're often unaware of exactly who we're communicating with on the net.

I'm also chuffed that two American writers now feature over at TKnC, namely, Mike Whitney, with his adept use of letters in, IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION, and Michael J. Solender with his short, and equally adept, humorous piece, HOMEGROWN TOMATOES.

There's also a cheeky debut, LOST CAUSE, from the mysterious alter-ego Vallon Jackson!

And I'm pleased that my friends over at Writers News Talkback are submitting stories, too. Following Bill Haddow-Allen is Dorothy Davies with her chilling tale, BEATERS, as well as, CIRCUS, which is refreshingly different in style from earlier posts.

Hey, instead of reading me rambling, why not pop over there and take a look for yourself? You won't be disappointed!

Better still, if you fancy your chances then why not have a stab (pardon the pun) and submit a story yourself.
(Guidelines on the right of the site - link below.)


Paul Brazill said...

This bodes very well. (And you should be getting a couple of stories from some of my on-line cronies soon.) And me, again, next month.

Well done!

Col Bury said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Paul.
Looking forward to more submissions.

Col Bury said...

Okay, so the website may not be a 'sister' to my blog as Matt Hilton started TKnC, but I'm co-editing so maybe it's a 'cousin' or 'half sister,'...
...second cousin removed...oh, you know what I mean!