Friday, 24 April 2009

High praise indeed from the Editor re' FORUM OF FURY, now up at A TWIST OF NOIR...

I've now completed my hat-trick over at A Twist Of Noir!
I received a very encouraging email from the Editor, Christopher Grant, which I thought I'd share with you...


FORUM OF FURY is now up at A Twist Of Noir.
Frantic, insane and over the edge. All of these describe Joe in this story. Fun little story about mistaken identity and what someone can do when they get paranoid.
I saw this thing play out in my mind as I read it and that's the nicest compliment anyone can get about their writing.
Excellent stuff.


As us Northerners say, 'Am well chuffed!'


Paul Brazill said...

Congrats Col!

Col Bury said...

Cheers, mate.

Matt Hilton said...

Well done, Col. It's a great piece of work and deserves the plaudits.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Matt...I'm blushing.