Monday, 5 January 2009

Novel titles...

Well, the clock is ticking and I've been busy 'polishing' the first 3,000 words of my novel (they're really shiny now!), plus the dreaded synopsis, for entry into this year's CWA Debut Dagger - for unpublished crime 'novelists.'

However, after dotting the 'I's and crossing the 'T's I thought it pertinent to get feedback on the 'running' title I've had from the outset. The book's premise is fairly simple in that a vigiliante is avenging the 'Hoodies' (thugs) who have impacted dramatically on his life, hence the title: 'The Hoodie Hunter.' This title clearly sums up the book...
...When I started to recieve my first snippets of feedback a common theme developed. People didn't care for my title. On The Mystery/Thriller Writers' forum on Facebook an American writer remarked: 'Why would anyone want to hunt sweat-shirts!!!' I did find this funny, but it got me thinking. Firstly the term 'Hoodie' is British. I know publishers invariably change the title, and parts of the book, once they cast there critical eyes over a manuscript, but it is important you're as content as can be with all aspects of your work beforehand so as to maximise your chances of success. A published friend of mine informs me that agents invariably don't bother reading manuscripts if the title doesn't grab their attention.

I've learned that titles are extremely personal and can obviously affect the nuts and bolts of the writing, especially when the original idea stems from the title as mine did.
So having had a complete rethink I came up with a few alernatives to The Hoodie Hunter, whereby I wanted to convey the mood of the book with a catchy title.
Please check out my list and feel free to comment:
Vengeful Hunting.
The Hunting.
A Man Scorned.
Vengeful Pursuit.

My favourite is the last one and unless something dramatically changes this week then that is what my Novel will be entitled...that is until the publishers cast their expert gaze on it (dream on, Col!!!).

A Happy New Year to you all (all three of you!).


Matt Hilton Author said...

I like Vengeful Pursuit.
Come on you other two, give Col your feedback.
By the way Col, I looked at your profile and you've had well over 400 hits so there are others that are looking.

Col B said...

Cheers, Matt. It's nice some people are having a nosey. I've had a few positive comments on Facebook about this blog, too.

Rohit Gore said...

All the best for the competition Col.
I like Vengeful Pursuit. I like 'A Man Scorned' better though...

I, too, am hoping to up my output of words from the current abysmal levels of 20 words per day, to atleast...say, 25.


Col B said...

Thanks for commenting, Rohit. I like 'A Man Scorned, too.' I will use that another time, but 'Vengeful Pursuit' sums up the story better, just, I feel.
I've had a quick nosey at your blog and will read your stories when I'm off work.

DRawly said...

Great Q&A's on the interview and as for your 1st ever winning piece - what a Gem!!

Quality fella, wishing you every success and happiness


Col Bury said...

Cheers, Dave - nice of you to pop over. See you on the green baize!