Saturday, 10 January 2009

Bigger & Better?

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Now you're here why not check out my stuff? And if you feel the urge, maybe even make a comment, too!

After a few months of blogging I've realised three things:

1) I try only to blog if I've got something pertinent to say or share.
2) I do enjoy that maybe someone, somewhere could possibly get an ounce or two of enjoyment from my scribblings. (Oh, to be a published author!).
3) I realised the font was way too tiny on my blog and, furthermore, I also sussed out (took me an hour, or two!) that it could be enlarged.

So to all the zillions of you who have been screwing up your eyes and reaching for your Gran's bifocals, I've revamped the blog and hopefully you'll agree it's much easier on the eye! If I've gone too big in my excitement (steady) then let me know.
Now please read on and hopefully enjoy... comfort!


Ps. For the polite ones who've been here before I give a hearty apology and thank you for your discretion.

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Matt Hilton Author said...

Looking good Col.

Col B said...

Cheers, Matt!

Chris Picton said...

Yes looks better to me mate, Bigger is always best!

Col B said...

So they say, Chris! You seem pretty sure of yourself for some reason! Or are you just bluffing?

Col B said...

I've been reading other blogs and have decided to change my blog's style one last time. I hope you 'all' like it!

Louise Wise said...

Nice blog Col. Professional looking and full of interesting information.

It's taken me months to get the hang of mine,and even now it takes me ages to do something simple. So, being here and posting this comment is a HUGE step for me. A few months ago I'd have panicked on seeing the "leave your comment" box, and fled from my computer in terror!

Col Bury said...

Hiya Louise,
Thanks for the compliment and nice of you to comment. I've just had a brief look at your blog and it also looks professional. I'll have a good read of your stuff ('Eden' looks intriguing at first glance) when I'm in between shifts.
Keep up the bloggin!