Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Well, as I come to the 'end' (?) of rewrite three of novel attempt two, having re-plotted, cut and replaced 35,000 words, I decided another short story collection was long overdue.

Here's what people are saying about THE COPS OF MANCHESTER...

“Short, sharp, shocking - and all set in my beloved Manchester. Great Stuff!” - Mandasue Heller, bestselling crime writer.

“Bury is going places. He shows boldness by tackling different styles of writing which encompass humour, paranoia, action thrillers and urban discontent.” - Crimesquad.com

“Col Bury pulls no punches, landing a flurry of hard jabs to the solar plexus that leaves us breathless. This is tight, gritty, bare-knuckle writing.” - Howard Linskey, author of The Drop.

“Fast dialogue and edgy plots, keeps you turning the pages. Cracking!” - Sheila Quigley, author of the Seahills series, and the Holy Island trilogy.

Product Description...

Ever fancied being a cop? 

Could you handle the pressure of hunting down a vigilante who’s killing criminals at a ferocious rate? Consider how you would deliver a death message to a distraught parent. Would you protect the public by tailing a gangster’s vehicle, knowing the occupants were armed? Or follow a suspect into a dark alley? How would years of dealing with society’s appalling, and often violent, underbelly affect you? And, does anyone really like a bent cop?

Love them or loathe them, cops run toward danger as everyone else flees.

With alternating short and longer fiction, The Cops of Manchester provides an eclectic taste of life as a cop - with a few 'surprises' - in the gritty urban setting of Manchester, UK.

Author’s note: some of these stories are hard-hitting, so not for the fainthearted. 

You can get your copy here...

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Les Edgerton said...

Great post, Col! It might be interesting to some of your readers to know that when I was in the criminal life, like most of my compadres we respected cops highly. In fact, we used to hang out in the same places and some of us were friends with the "other side." Today, one of my best friends is a detective and he's old-school like me, and we remember the days when outlaws and cops both had codes of honor and while cops didn't respect what we did, very often they did respect how we handled ourselves when caught. It's hard to describe this--you kind of have to live it to really understand it. The difference between a cop and an outlaw, is that we got to choose when and where we plied our crimes, but the policeman has no choice. He or she simply has to respond. Those are folks with serious cojones.

Col Bury said...

Interesting take on the two sides, Les, and it's good to hear that. You do still get a begrudging respect these days too, but it's rare. Generally, it's us v them. One thing though, the 'professional' criminals are much better behaved in custody than the wannabe types. Fact.