Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Crime Fiction Releases...

I've been busy with 'life' and writing, endeavouring to find that elusive perfect balance.  Thought I'd share some news about forthcoming and recently published crime fiction.  It's great to see Paul D Brazill and Luca Veste's, True Brit Grit is out, including no fewer than 44 talented British writers, plus me! ;-) It for charity too, so grab a copy here.

There's a real buzz around the forthcoming anthology being compiled by thriller author, Matt Hilton, entitled: ACTION: Pulse Pounding Tales.  Matt's not only paying the authors for their stories (retirement isn't imminent, but it's a start!), but he's also donating 50p per copy sold in the first month (May) to the worthy cause: Help For Heroes. To find out more go here.

I recently received my signed copy of Mr Glamour by Richard Godwin.  It's gleaning great reviews already, not surprising considering his first novel, Apostle Rising has become something of a cult classic.

Really chuffed to see that London cabbie, Danny Kemp's début novel, The Desolate Garden, is going to be made into a film.

More great news regarding 'watching' novels - Sheila Quigley's novel, Run For Home is being adapted for screen. Congrats Sheila!

The 'Queen of Dark Fiction', Lily Childs has recently unleashed her aptly titled eBook, The Cabaret of Dread - 43 cross-genre horror nuggets. Buy it here.

Ex-cop, Paul Grzegorzek has re-released The Follow. If in doubt, check out the reviews here!

And last, but certainly not least (!), some bloke called Col Bury currently has his eBook of gritty crime shorts, Manchester 6, at HALF PRICE for a limited time! ;-)


Paul Grzegorzek said...

Thanks for the plug Col, much appreciated. I'm chuffed to be included in such an outstanding line up!

Col Bury said...

Hey, you're more than welcome, mate. Hope all is well with you.

Lily Childs said...

Thank you Col! These are all on my TBR list - except yours. 'Cos I've already read - and LOVED it!

Very excited about Mr Glamour.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Lil. I'm dipping in 'n' out of yours (er, sorry!) and it's bloody brill! ;-)

I predict a clamour for Mr Glamour!

Steven Chapman said...

I have Lily's book on my TBR list, I've already read it but I blasted through it with my technical head on. I want to sit in the dark and read it slooowwwlly...really digest it :D

Col Bury said...

Yeah, know what you mean, Steve. Can't remember the last time I read without analysing. Some real nuggets in Lil's book.