Wednesday, 12 October 2011

You're havin' a laugh... well you soon will be at THE LAUGHTER SHACK!!!

The Laughter Shack is a fun new webzine that's now open for business. According to esteemed Editor, BJ Titzengolf, and his 'buxom' assistant, Joanne Kallot, "We'll be showcasing some well written, funny stories of up to 500 words". 

They also have a 'general dogsbody' about the place, so if there are any issues just shout, "Mike Oxlong!", and things should get sorted pronto.

In my humble opinion, this will be a breath of fresh air blowing through the blogosphere; something to lift your spirits, and give you a break from reality.

So, what are you waiting for...?  Get writing, reading, following and get yerselves over there! It's gonna be a right good laugh! :-)

Full submissions guidelines are here.  
Follow the Laughter Shack on Twitter @LaughterShack


David Barber said...

Sounds interesting. I my just check that place out! ;-)

Col Bury said...

The Editor sounds like a right-un... or wrong-un, depending on yer outlook! :-)

Anonymous said...

Should be a good laugh Col. Looking forward to it.

Col Bury said...

So am I, Jack! It will be great therapy after a tough day.

Anonymous-9 said...

Sounds like fun!

Matt Hilton said...