Friday, 29 April 2011

A great day for Great Britain... or just the rich showing off to the peasants?

Comments please...


Col Bury said...

Okay... you must all be watching the wedding, so I'll start the 'discussion'...

I must say, observing the various sartorial ensembles was something to behold, and Kate's tiara was exquisite... :-)

I enjoyed it, but was it a waste of money...?

Paul D. Brazill said...

Just some famous people I don't know having a do. It's just daft showbizness.

I'm not bothered either way, to be honest. Having opinions on celebrities-which is what they are- is just another form of anthropomorphism. Not that I'm suggesting the royals are have anything in common with animals. I mean animals don't interbreed...

Sue H said...

Was it a waste of money? Depends how much 'you' got out of it! Personally I spent a lovely morning lounging around watching it all on the box, so it kept me entertained for a good few hours! :-)

I don't mind the immediate 'Royals', esp. the ones who at least act as patrons of societies and charities helping them to 'up' that organisation's profile, for example.

However, I have no time for the 'free-loaders' - show them the door! (I did think it was funny having to 'bus' them to and from the venues!)

As for sartorial elegance, clearly Princess Beatrice needs 'counselling' if her choice of headgear is anything to go by!

And talking of headgear, as you found the tiara so exquisite perhaps if you slip Her Maj. a quick notelet she might let you borrow it too, Collette! ;-p

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Me, the wife and kids watched it as it was on at 6:00 AM in Mass. It was a spectacle to say the least. I have been to our London office various times, and I love it.

No idea why, maybe because I have a daughter, or the whole fairy tale thing, but it was a wee bit emotional watching her and the dad ride in the Rolls.

Harry seems like a cool dude. Was it a waste of money, maybe, but they could always throw Ireland some extra cash ;). Should be interesting when QE heads over there.

Col Bury said...

LOL... and congrats for using the biggest word ever on my blog!

Maybe, with all the merchandizing, plus TV rights, etc, it could actually help the economy...? It certainly boosted the 'feel good factor' a tad.

As for 'Collette', she loved the tiara, but it kept catching in her veil :-)

I'm impressed you were up so early watching, bud. I must say, being a big softy at heart, I did feel proud and had a lump in my throat.

Cheers, guys,

Jennifer Thomson said...

I didn't watch it and tried to stay away from all mention of it.

I wouldn't mind if Kate Middleton was a better role model for young women, but all she did was wait to marry a prince and live on her parent's wealth while she did it. She didn't seem to do any work like Princess Di did.

I also can't help thinking their match was a bit of a set up. English prince goes to Scottish uni, meets English millionaire's daughter and marries her. There was no chance of him ever marrying someone normal was there?

Poor lad's whole life is mapped out for him.

skees said...


Excuse a yanks entry here. I have no problem whatsoever with the entire thing. You guys are where we came from for crying out loud. We have no closer ties or similarities to anyone in the world. I respect the order and the process. We are allies that will never, EVER part. How many other countries can we both count like that? We would stand alone many times if it were not for you guys.

My wife and daughter were all over it, loved it, and I personally was also appreciative of what went on.

There is a huge percentage of people over here that has a great love for all of it and not just royal weddings, the ceremony or pagentry. We're a jaded bunch about a lot of things in the world but not about the British and all you represent. Don't believe anything else you hear.

I'm a huge believer in tradition and order and some semblance of decency. I believe in keeping some things that 'got you there'.

Sooo, from a shoeless bucktooth cousin from across the pond God Bless the U.K.

And THAT, is how I feel about it.


Col Bury said...


Interesting how people's views vary on this. I can't say I totally agree with your take, but I know what you mean about Kate. They tried to make her out to be 'ordinary', but she's far from it. But I thought she did actually work as a designer or summat, though it was probably for the family firm so does it really count? A 'silver spoon' does spring to mind, but I still like her.

And then there's Jimbo!

I found your views heart-warming, fella, and felt more than a tad proud reading them, to be honest.

We are definitely intrinsically linked, and I can't ever see that changing. However, that BP oil spill put a temporary strain on the thread joining us. Oh, sorry, I should've wrote, 'British Petroleum' (sorry, Mr Obama). If BP HAD been a British firm then we could've really fallen out! :-)

Regards, cousin!