Friday, 10 December 2010

Blog posts well worth a nosey...

On my travels around the blogosphere, I stumbled across a couple of things particularly worth sharing. So, in case you missed them, do check out the nostalgic and intriguing 'podcast' posted by John McFetridge over at crime blog Do Some Damage. It's a 4-part conversation between writing legends, Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler! It really is unmissable.

The Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler 'podcast'

Also, on Nicola Morgan's blog there's a link to editor Lynn Price's candid views, including pitfalls and a reality check on how tough this industry can be.

When a Contract is Cancelled.

Catch you all soon,


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Both of these are must read / watch, and I learned plenty from them. I'm currently reading McFetridge's "Let it Ride" and it is tremendous. The best novel I have read this year. Thanks for this Col.

Col Bury said...

You're welcome, Sean. Let it Ride? Must give that a whirl myself.

Ryan said...

Oh wow. I've never heard of this interview. Thanks for posting this link! I've been on a real fiction kick lately (for which Michele Marie Tate's Blood, Money, Power was the catalyst), but I love these behind-the-scenes conversations. Thanks!

Col Bury said...

Hi Ryan,
Glad you appreciated it.