Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Manchester features heavily in the crime novel I've written, and my Detective Inspector Jack Striker is obviously a fanatical blue (well, they say write what you know).

Currently the city is abuzz with banter regarding tonight's Manchester derby versus our illustrious (and somewhat spoilt!) neighbours, Man.United. As always my beloved Man.City are underdogs, so I've got everything crossed they don't 'do us' by snatching a last minute winner (in Fergie time!), like they did in three of the four derbies last season.

Just setting off with my lad now... please God...

What an anti-climax. For those of you interested, it was a bore-draw...nil-nil... orchestrated by two fearful managers, especially ours sadly. But at least we didn't lose and the pee-taking will be tempered somewhat... THANK GOD.


David Barber said...

Come on the Reds!!!!! I thinks it's disgusting that you drag your lad out on a cold night like this and poison his mind by making him sit with the blue half of Manchester. LOL!!!

Hopefully it will be a very happy night for...................ME!!!!!

I may be eating my words when you actually read this.


Alan Griffiths said...

Ha ha, I've just switched on the telly and was thinking of you Col. Don't cross everything or you'll do yourself a mischief!

Nil, nil as I type - may the best team win in the biggest derby match of the evening - that's Chelsea versus Fulham!

Kind regards.

David Barber said...

Oh well. One of the worst Manc derby's I've seen. Tell you what though, Col, I was sweating my bollocks off watching it from my lovely warm living room! LOL!!

Unknown said...

What a let down!
Dave, I haven't brainwashed him honest. It's not like his room was wall to wall City when he was six months old...! Well, it was actually. :)
Good win for you guys - you'll win it hands down, no danger.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Hmmm. I'm in a tough postion here.

Col- My condolences

Dave- Congrats

About as diplomatic as I can be. why couldn't it have been a draw

Unknown said...

The manchester derby (City v Utd) ended goaless, so it was a draw. The one nil win was for Al Griffith's team, Chelsea who are top. But thanks for your tact, bud!

Paul Grzegorzek said...

And this is why i don't like football. You spend hours, days and weeks hoping and dreaming, and then a bunch of overpaid twats in shorts fail to live up to your expectations...

That said, i'm glad i've got friends who enjoy football properly, rather than turning it into the nightmare to police that it regularly turns into.

Unknown said...

Hi Paul,
That's what all people who dont (can't?) play say lol.

You're right though, about it kicking off, especially at this fixture unfortunately.

Will be popping over to read your latest exploits when I get five minutes, mate.