Friday, 23 July 2010

My fiction debut in print... Even More Tonto Short Stories, publication date announced...

Over at indie publishers, Tonto Books, head honcho, Stuart Wheatman, has been working his butt off, trying to keep his head above water throughout the credit crunch. This has delayed the publication of his latest annual short story collection, Even More Tonto Short Stories - aka EMTSS. However, I'm extremely pleased to announce that the definite date it becomes available to the public is AUGUST 5th 2010.

"So, Col, how did you bag a place in such a coveted anthology?"

"Bit nosey, aren't you? But thanks for asking. I guess, I'll have to tell you then."

"Well, we're not that arsed, really, Col, hearing about your poxy short story."

"Why are you here then? To put one of those Chinese porn links on my site? If I ever catch the bas... And, anyway, it's not 'poxy', you cheeky git. It's got stories from real authors in, not just me."

"Okay then, smartarse, name one."

"Never heard of him!"

"Alright, how's about crime mystery author, Sally Spedding, or Robert Endeacott... plus, it's edited by Caroline Smailles."

"Okay, then, Mister Big Shot, so how did you get in?" (Yawns, scratches arse.)

"Well, since you're so interested.... Just under a year ago I broke me left wrist and was in plaster up to me elbow. And, yeah, I'm left-handed. A novelist friend, Sheila Quigley, mentioned there was a few days left on Tonto's competition to win a place in their popular anthology. So, one-handed, and one-fingered, I tapped away all day, and just manged to make the deadline.
I awaited the results, and Bob's yer Auntie's live-in lover!"

"Well done, I suppose. Anyway, I need to go n watch some paint dry, so am offski."

"No worries, and thanks for popping by."

"See ya... maybe... 說文解 六國文字/六 ................. !"

"OY!!! What have I told you, mum?"

(Joke, it wasn't me mum, really.)

To find out more about the winning stories - including my 4,000 word short, MOPPING UP, introducing characters from the crime novel I'm currently editing - go here.


Michael Solender said...

Congrats Col, ta to ya.

Sue H said...

Hooray! I was just thinking about that Tonto book this morning - remembering how I'd stomped up hard-earned moolah to Amazon and still had no goodies to show for it!

So, you break a wrist for a short story, what's next? Break a leg for a novel? ;-p

Seriously, Mr Bury, Sir - well done! Congratulations!

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Mike - appreciate your support as always.

If I don't get me novel published soon, I'll be breaking summat, n it won't be my leg. I keep eyeing up the telly, especially when England play!

Sue H said...

Hey, Col, am curious about yer novel, feller - how's the editing going? (or is it done?)

Sneak previews of said work, perhaps?

I managed to get mine out to another couple of agents this aternoon. Onto a sequel while I'm waiting for any hint of a response....

Alan Griffiths said...

Many congrats Col, a super achievement and very well done sir!

Col Bury said...

Ta very much, Al.

On the home straight with the editing, but not yet ready to make any announcements. Good or bad news will follow in due course.

Good luck with your BTW. Hope someone bites.

Lee Hughes said...

Great interview Col, look forward to getting me mitts on a copy of it. Great work

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Lee.

Matt Hilton said...

Never heard of that Matt Hilton bloke either, but I'm gonna get a copy for all the other great writers ;-)

Well done again, Col, must be a good feeling for you at last?

Col Bury said...

Couldn't resist that line, bud n knew you wouldn't mind.

Of course I'm thrilled to bits n can't wait for my copy to come through the post...but...think you know what I realy want...!

Lily Childs said...

That's brilliant news Col, well deserved.

Love the, erm... interview!

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Lil.

David Barber said...

Well done my friend! Well deserved and sincere good luck wishes with the bigger project. I have everything crossed for you (Don't worry I have cream).

See you soon pal. I may have something to show you when we meet next.

Oooohhherrrrr missus!!

I mean writing wise you filthy bitch!!

Chris Allinotte said...

Way to go Col!

Speaking of print - just finished reading "The Oak Tree" in the Flash! antho. First rate story. I was moved and smiling at the same time.


Col Bury said...

Shame we didn't get chance to catch up when you came to Manchester. I look forward to seeing whatever you were going to show me when I come up to bonnie Scotland. I hope it's not summat I've seen before! :) Ooo-matron!
Cheers, bud.

Many thanks - that means a lot coming from an accomplished writer like your-good-self. I actually forgot about that one, believe it or not, n still aint got my copy!

Sue H said...

I hate to rain on your parade, Col - Amazon informed me this morning thst they are unable to supply EMTSS - they say 'the supplier (Tonto?) has discontinued the item'

Col Bury said...

I don't think this is the case, Sue. I heard from the publisher only last week, and was informed the print run 'had a few dodgy pages' so he's expecting this to be rectified 'in the next few days' - which means now-ish. If I can find out more, I'll let you know.

Sue H said...

Col - Have spoken to Stu at Tonto - apparently the fault lies between Am@zon and a third party. Don't worry - have re-ordered direct from Tonto - but just have to wait a few more days to get it in my ht little hands!!

Are you even just a teensy weensy bit excited...? ;-)

Col Bury said...

Yeah, am excited, but very distracted... Glad you sorted the order out. You've got my email, if you wanna, er, probe deeper... huht-hum.

Sue H said...

I'm not sure how to take that last comment (there's a surprise!!) - but no, I don't have your email address. Ask Mr H (no, not MY Mr H!) or Mr Barber to fwd it rather than list it here and throw yourself wide open to possible abuse.

(on second thoughts, given you - you'd probably welcome that.....!)

Congrats anyway, chuck, on being a PUBLISHED author! (Drinks all round, I feel - mine's a pint!)

Col Bury said...

Mr H is away at the mo' so Mr B is your best bet.