Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Rejection v Success... Pill Hill Press Daily Flash Fiction anthology ...I'm in!

No sooner had I received a polite rejection from New Dundee Writing that my somewhat controversial short story submission (dealing with suicide bombers) didn't make their anthology, that my spirits were lifted by the news that my supernatural crime story, FLY BOY, has made it into Pill Hill Press' 365 Days of Flash Fiction anthology.

FLY BOY has featured on both TKnC and Six Sentences and I'm well chuffed it's now gonna be in print alongside the likes of that particularly prolific pair of pen-pushers, Paul D. Brazill and Lee Hughes .

Submissions are ongoing until filled, so if you fancy a pop just click on the title of this post.

And don't forget you can read my brand new, and somewhat longer, vigilante crime story, MOPPING UP - introducing characters from my ongoing crime novel - in the forthcoming EVEN MORE TONTO STORIES (see on the right for details).



David Barber said...

Good on ya bud. Love that story as well.
Regards mate, David.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, mate.
It's still open mate - why don't you send off a batch of yours?
Do it!!!

Alan Griffiths said...

Congrats Col - FLY BOY deserves to be in print - great news.

Col Bury said...

Thanks, Al.
It's still open, mate, and some your shorter stuff would defo get in...

Matt Hilton said...

Excellent news, Col. Seeing your writing in print is a real buzz. Two for one, and more to come, you've a lot of buzzes to come. Please let us know when the books available so i can order one (356 days one that is, I'm watching for Tonto like a hawk myself!)

Matt Hilton said...

356, 365, God I've lost the ability to get numbers in the right order!

Mom did warn me repeated movement of the right hand would send me blind (typing at the computer in subdued light that is).

And now that I've gone and lowered the tone, back to my typing it is.

Col Bury said...

LOL, Matt!
I'm getting a taste for this author lark now n it tastes damn good.
It's great the be in anthologies with mates, too... me n thee in Tonto - n Lee, Paul n who knows who else in 563...er, soz... 365!

Lily Childs said...

Fab news Col. It's a goodie, that one.

Lee Hughes said...

Congrats Mate! pleasure to be sharing the pages with you.

Col Bury said...

Ta' very much, Lil.
Ditto, Lee!