Monday, 18 January 2010

Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers' first anniversary today...

Yep, the last year has flown quicker than sparrowhawk with a duracell battery shoved up its butt! And around 250 stories and over 31,000 hits later we celebrate TKnC's first birthday with possible awards on the horizon, praise from creative writing teachers and interest from agents and publishers.

I wonder if my fellow co-editor and TKnC founder, crime thriller author Matt Hilton, ever envisaged what an awesome first year it would be when he started the site simply and selflessly to help new writers showcase their fiction.

I was one of those new writers who'd not really shown my writing to a wider audience until TKnC was born. So I'm living proof that Matt's foresight has worked, as seeing my initial tentative stories receiving constructive feedback really spurred me on and a year later I'm more on track than at any stage in my writing journey.

When Matt asked me - six weeks after the site's inception - to be co-editor I was so thrilled I nearly killed myself laughing (me an editor?) n cracked open a chilled beer (or ten) to celebrate! (That's corny, but it's staying in.) Reading, assessing n uploading well over 100 mixed-genre stories has certainly improved my own understanding (and hopefully my writing) of the short story and the possiblities therein.

It's been, and will continue to be for as long as I breathe, an absolute pleasure and privilege to be involved in TKnC, and witnessing many other new writers feel that buzz too has to be the over-riding positive in our first year. And long may it continue.

Many thanks to all the readers and contributors the world over who have made TKnC what it is today. The quality of submissions has confirmed to me that there is a plethora of undiscovered talent out there and 2010 could be THE year that, with the right application, some of that talent will be spotted and finally recognised.

I'm glowing with pride, like the candle on TKnC's virtual birthday cake!


Ps. I say, 'virtual' cos I've scoffed most of it!


Lee Hughes said...
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Lee Hughes said...

Kids, forget about learning English grammar at school, TKnC's two editors will take you to one side and teach you it!

Great work Col and Matt.

David Barber said...

And long may it continue.

I've said it before BUT...It's a great site run by two top blokes and I can only thank you guys for getting me back on track with my writing.

It can only go from strength to strength with some of the class writers that I've seen since I first submitted. Hats off to Matt and yourself, Col.

Regards bud, David.

L-Plate Author said...

Jeez, Col, and I only came over for the cake...seriously well done to the two of you on a cracking showcase blog. Let's hope the next year is just as good. Mel

David Cranmer said...

Happy anniversary. And I wish you another succesful year!

Erin Cole said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats to all your success. I do hope to contribute to TKnC in the future...a soon as I bury these bodies in my trunk.

Col Bury said...

Many thanks, guys n gals!
Your kind (& witty) comments make it all worthwhile.

Anonymous said...