Thursday, 7 May 2009

My latest short story, THE OAK TREE, over at TKnC...

My latest short story entitled, THE OAK TREE, has been brewing for a long while and is extremely personal to me. I chose the first person point of view - a rarity for me - for immediacy and because it was so very close to home. It's more a mystery tale than my usual crime.

If you fancy checking it out then just click on the link to my short stories on the top right or the Thrillers, Killers N Chillers link from the website list, bottom right.

I do hope you enjoy it - let me know...


essygie said...

hey Col - it's a great story!

Paul Brazill said...

I'll have a look later on.Looking forward to it.

Col Bury said...

Cheers, Essygie.

Paul, hope you like it.

Col Bury said...

I'd like to thanks all the below for your comments...

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Comment Author LilyC: Powerful stuff. I could see it all. And feel it.

Sarah Harris: Read the Oak Tree today and was nearly in tears in parts. Whats scary is I had funny feelings like that when my Grandad and Uncle died woke up just before the phone rang - spooky. But seriously good reading xxx

Paul Durham at 04:46 on 07 May
Very good, different to the others i have read. I enjoyed it :o) thanks

Peter Mercer 07 May at 19:25
the oak tree. i think you told me this story touched me then as it has done now.reading your stuff makes me change the way i am constructing my sentencing to you -they're now is influenced by col bury.
good work my boy.

Clare, Just read your latest on your blog - what a beautiful piece of writing that somehow achieves a balance between over-sentimental and impersonal - a really lovely piece of work which literally brought tears to my eyes.
Your writing (and your self-confidence?) seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds - you're demonstrating such versatility in your writing now that every new piece is a genuine surprise and delight.
Be very proud of yourself Col - all that hard work is starting to pay off for you.

IG, Impressed by your last one, re my comment on the website.