Friday, 20 February 2009

A great link for more short fiction...

Just a brief update...
While writing my ongoing novel, inspiration often strikes and other ideas form. They then keep pecking my head to be written so I've rattled off a few more short stories for you to read at
Check out: Blind Alley, Death Message, The Handshake, Remember, Domestic Hated and Caught In The Headlights.
I do hope you enjoy them - let me know.
Ps. There's some cracking stories from others there, too!

Further update:
It's great to see others are now taking up the gauntlet as there are now several pages of stories, so don't forget to click the 'older posts' link at the bottom of each page to see them all.
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Chris Picton said...

Enjoyed the stories from you and Matt, keep in up

Unknown said...

Cheers, Chris...we will. Glad you liked 'em.

Unknown said...

From Writers News Talkback
Comment Author: Bill

Col, your pieces are compelling. Gritty. Real. Authentic.

Thankful People: Col B.

(Bill has since posted a cracking story on Thrills, Kills n Chills himself.)